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Safe Text App reviews


Safe Text® is a texting service that is built with state of the art technology to ensure your privacy and anonymity. We’ve removed all links between what you text, who you are and who you text.

# You can erase a message or picture on all recipient’s devices after you’ve sent it
# No Safe Text exists for more than 24 hours
# Custom user defined delete options
# Screen capture notification on iPhone
# When you delete a Safe Text message from your device it is deleted from all devices world-wide
# Communicate securely world-wide
# Use Safe Text securely over WiFi and over your regular mobile provider
# Optional PIN to access Safe Text
# Strategic server locations outside of the United States
# When you add someone to your Safe Text address book you are automatically added to their address book
# When you delete someone from your address book you are automatically deleted from their address book
# You can change your username and alias as often as you like, and your existing contacts can still contact you and won’t even know that you changed your username or alias