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Ricky Review


Meet Ricky, the toucan that combines coloring, language learning and object recognition games, for the first time, all in one app!

Ricky wants to help your kid learn a foreign language without him losing interest and what better way is there other than games and coloring?

With Ricky as their guide, preschoolers can learn new words and phrases in English or Spanish while coloring or looking for the right object in captivating scenes.
Finish all games for a nice surprise at the end!

# 2 languages: English and Spanish
# Engaging coloring experience
# 6 word-categories ( animals, fruits, vegetables, transportation, toys, clothes)
# 36 drawings
# 3 object-recognition games with different mechanics for each episode
# Animated pencils
# Voiced-over words and phrases by native children
# Coloring suggestion in each drawing (just flip the right corner!)
# A different song for each episode
# Cute coloring sound to make the experience feel as real as possible.

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