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 Minube’s iPhone app takes a fresh look at the world of travel. Get inspired by more than 200,000 experiences from over 500,000 real travelers from around the globe and share your own adventures in real-time from wherever you are!

Some of the features include:

=> Discover the best places to see, eat, and stay in destinations all over the world, thanks to the recommendations of travelers like you. Find something cool? Invite you friends from Facebook, Twitter, or your contacts to join minube and take a look. You can also invite via e-mail or text message.
=> Sharing experiences, photos, and videos is simple, easy, and now in real-time. It’s also more social! You can share your experiences with other minube users or on your social networks, and create new travel lists.
=> These lists are one of our biggest announcements. By saving a place or destination, you can create lists, invite your friends, and create a personalized trip together. For example, the best tapas in Barcelona, a museum route through Rome, or Shanghai in three days. These editable lists can be downloaded and viewed offline. Control who sees them, the people invited, and the content included.
=> The Inspiration screen lets you find the destinations you crave by using criteria like color, distance from home, or number of days. A new concept in the world of travel and very inspiring.
=> You can edit your profile by adding information about yourself and a profile pic. And, of course, you can search and view other users’ profiles, follow their travels, and see what they’re up to.
=> Connect your profile with your Twitter and Facebook accounts and share your new experiences. You can also share the lists you’ve created over Facebook, Twitter, or by email.
=> Don’t miss a thing: visit the profiles of other travelers, see who they follow, and discover the places they’ve been. If you like a photo or a video, leave a comment!
=>Minube goes global: we have experiences written by international travelers in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, all of which can be translated by our own Drunken Translator.
=> Compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 (4” screen).
=> We’re opening up our List Store. Discover the most interesting lists and get them with a single click. The most inspiring and practical lists for your next trip are available for purchase or free download.
=> New full-screen draft tab makes it easier and more comfortable to manage your drafts.
=> You can now edit experiences you’ve already uploaded and add new photos, videos, and recommendations.

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 With over 27 000 000 places (many rated 0-10 stars), it’s just like having a universal travel guide always in your pocket. You will discover places, monuments and museums everywhere, even next to your home! Just select any of them to open the article on Wikipedia with pictures and detailed explanations, or to localize it on a map.

‘Veu’ covers all countries for all your trips (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy…) and thousands of cities in the World (New-York, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome…).

Enjoy this app during all your travels, on vacation or on business!

=> Over 27 000 000 rated points of interest to discover in English,
=> Geolocation for instant info on what’s nearby,
=> Convenient search for almost everything in the World,
=> and much more to discover!

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World Around Me – WAM – is the perfect tool for travellers, tourists or locals who want to know everything about what’s around them.

Discover places just by pointing your phone around you, and feel at home in any location in the world! Let WAM lead you on an exciting journey to the places around you.

Launch WAM and point the phone around you to start getting all kinds of useful information!
Here are just some of the places that WAM will identify, locate and show reviews for:
=>Restaurants | Bars | Cafes
=>Banks | ATMs
=> Movie Theatres
=> Museums | Art Galleries
=> Parks
=> Gas Stations
=> Subway Stations | Train Stations | Bus Stops | Taxi Stands | Airports
=> Hospitals | Dental Clinics
=> Pharmacies
=> Gyms | Spas
=> Hotels
=> Shopping malls | Grocers | Clothing Stores
=> Book Stores | Shoe Stores
=> Churches | Mosques | Synagogues | Temples
WAM combines cutting edge Augmented Reality technology with a seamless, fluid interface that adds useful and exciting information to all the places around you. It is a new perspective (city lens), for you to explore places around you. WAM shows place names, ratings and distance in a seamless and intuitive AR view. One more tap and you get to access detailed reviews, opening hours, directions and contact details.

How do I start WAMming?

=> Launch WAM and hold the phone up to your eye level, pointing the camera at the surroundings you want to explore
=> Choose what you’d like to do: Eat & Drink, Enjoy, Fuel, Move, Health, Shop, Pray, Money, Stay
=> See the world around you come to life – all of the places in that category pop up as overlays on your phone, along with distances, contact details and reviews.
=> Go forth and explore!
With WAM, you can:
1. Search for 9 main categories of places and 31 subcategories with just one tap.
2. Tap and Speak to start WAMming – Discover places by talking, to find what you need.
3. Get super useful info such as: WiFi availability, accepts credit cards, takes reservations, has outdoor seating.
4. Check out user reviews, directions, phone numbers, opening hours, price tier, photos and more.
5. Choose between AR, list and map views to navigate.
6. Rank places around you by distance or importance.
7. Talk in your language! English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and more to come

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