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Puzzle Flow


Let’s play a puzzle together! Puzzle Flow is all about social, online multiplayer jigsaw puzzles. Play the classic game with friends and family, wherever they are.

Solve puzzles in real time games, complete with voice chat! Cooperate to fill the puzzle out faster and earn a higher score. It’s a magical new way to bring the whole family together – boys and girls, kids and adults alike!
Key Features:-
# Richly detailed, beautiful pictures from amazing artists
# Seamless, cloud-based multiplayer with voice chat
# Create your own collection of puzzles using the puzzle maker
# Share your puzzle with your friends, or everyone
# Play your friends’ puzzles, even when they’re offline
# Receive notifications when friends are playing your puzzles
# Resume any puzzle on any device
# View a time lapse of your puzzle
# Multiple themes, including Magic Lands, Fairy Tales and more
# Kid Mode – Simplified controls for toddlers and children under 5
# Universal app! Play on any iPad, iPhone or iPod TouchPuzzle Flow logo



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