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Publisher Guidelines

Apple’s News App launch News Publisher makes it easy to distribute interactive and engaging stories in News, the all-new app built right into iOS 9. News delivers news and magazine stories to millions of users. With the Apple News Format, you’ll be able to create beautifully crafted layouts with custom typography, rich photo galleries, videos, and animations — all optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

News Publisher makes it easy to distribute interactive and engaging articles on News, an all-new app built right into iOS 9. News brings together high-quality news, magazine, and blog sources in a single beautiful content experience. Whether you’re a major news organization or an individual blogger, you can sign up to deliver your content to News


This guide shows you how to register as a publisher, set up your News channel, and prepare, deliver, and manage your content. It also provides information about earning revenue through iAd

Apple News Format

The new Apple News Format lets you create stunning content for News. You can author once and News will optimize your content for all iOS devices, so your readers will have a great experience no matter which device they use. It’s easy to connect to existing content management systems, and you get access to a rich suite of tools to measure user engagement with your content. Sign up as a publisher and we’ll let you know when publishing in Apple News Format becomes available.

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Advertising Opportunities

Monetization is made simple with iAd, Apple’s advertising platform. Earn 100% of the revenue from ads you sell, and 70% when iAd sells ads for you. iAd provides campaign management, targeting and reporting capabilities that help drive your business.

If it sounds to you that this may be really about jumpstarting iAd, you aren’t alone. Apple has not done will in the advertising space