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You never know when “Nature Calls”. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Try to “Hold it in” by using the  mighty power of your toots to jump over obstacles in your path. It is not your typical infinite runner game; it is funny but also very challenging. Time your mid-air toot perfectly to make it over trees and birds. Get as far as you can while avoiding the random objects in your path. Brag to your friends and challenge them to beat how far you “Held it in” by clicking on the Share/Challenge a Friend button. You can also keep track of some of the achievements you might earn along the way.

There are two game modes:
# Runner Mode challenges you try to get as far as you can while avoiding the random objects.
# TPTimer Mode is more challenging; try to get as far as you can while the time ticks down.
Collect Toilet Paper to keep the timer going but be careful, because if your time runs out then it’s game over.


# Tap the screen to jump.
# While in mid-air tap the screen again for an extra toot.
# Earn achievements and share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter how far you “Held it in”.
# Challenge your friends to beat how far you “Held it in”.
# It’s funny and very challenging.
# It has that, I will just play it one more time game play.
# You never know what to expect the farther you get into the game

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