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How many times, even when you have things in control, have you asked someone you trust to remind you of important things?  For example, you set an alarm for 6:30 AM, but you still request someone to wake you up if you are not up by 6:45 AM?  What if an app were to give you an option to include your colleagues, friends, or family in your alarms and reminders? Meet Galarm.


Galarm is a social alarm clock app that enables users to create and share alarms and reminders with their contacts. Galarm offers three alarm types — personal alarm for yourself with someone else as a backup, in case you forget, group alarm to simultaneously ring the alarm for everyone to remind them of a group activity, and buddy alarm to set an alarm for someone else to remind them of something they need to do.


The app is built for everyday use in your personal, social, and work life. It is available on both iOS and Android, and best of all, the app is completely free and has no ads. In the initial nine months of its release, Galarm has been installed in over 90 countries, and has received favorable reviews from users across the world as well as reputed independent organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia.


“[Galarm] brings a social aspect to mobile alarm clock. This may just be the most feature- rich, comprehensive alarm app for Android. Better still, it’s designed to be shared.Android Headlines


“[Galarm is] a very simple sounding app that is actually surprisingly useful. It’s a nicely designed app, with a simple yet effective layout that doesn’t clutter the screen, while giving you all the options you need.” – NDTV Gadgets 360


While the social connectivity features of the Galarm app relies on access to your phone’s address book, the app can be used in a non-social mode as well (i.e., without providing access to contacts). As stated in Galarm’s privacy policy, your contact information is completely private to you and the app does not use it for any other purpose.


The app includes an easy interface for chatting within the context of each alarm. This can be highly useful when trying to pick which restaurant to go to or when taking everyone’s opinion for the birthday gift for grandma! Galarm can run in an offline environment as well, and syncs when the phone is connected again to the network, and sync across time zones. Other customizable settings include controlling ringing of alarms even when the phone is on silent, adding custom ringtones (Android-only), or inviting more of your contacts to join you in using Galarm.


Galarm has made the age-old concept of alarms and reminders truly go social. We encourage you to download Galarm from the Play Store or App Store today and realize the full potential of your social network to never miss anything again!

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Notesmartly is a free app which makes organizing your stuff easy by giving you things like Notebooks, ability to draw using Scribbpads, Wideboards to collaborate in real time and more. It lets you take notes be it text note, image note, audio note or video notes and chat within a document all in one place. The first of a kind task management where tasks can be created within a document [within a context] or separately.Your to-do lists , scanned documents and task planner all in one place.

Put everything that matters in one place. Capture, share and keep everything safe for free.
Notesmartly is a place for projects and plans. It helps you to organize everything from notes, pictures of people and places in your own way. It is precisely a place for your ideas to thrive.
It is super easy for you to create, share so you can have focused productive conversations.
Collaborate in context.
Plan your tasks and communicate at the same place and the same time.
Easy to collaborate and capture your critical meeting details so everyone is heard and nothing goes down the drain.
All of your meeting notes can be captured effectively so that you can easily remember what you discussed, what decisions were made and what were left unresolved.
Invite people to meetings the way you always do, and use it to ensure those meetings are way more productive and more effective.

Great things happen when brains collide, and here you can share and collaborate on anything you create right from your iPad.

Key Features

# Sync everything to have it everywhere, even offline.
# Create notes, task lists, shop list and to-dos using Notebooks.
# A perfect task management app where you can make lists of things , checklists or task lists that are important.
# Record it! Be it audio or video and add it to the Notebook or Wideboard.
# Wideboards can be used for collaborative planning.
# ScribbPad is the ultimate place to sketch and ideate.
# Organize your stuff using tags
# Digitize everything that matters and keep it safe.
# Scan important stuff and forget to have it .
# View unified list of task lists to-dos and schedule
# Create reminders, notifications
# Context tags
# GTD® use it as per the Get Things Done standards, it’s that flexible
# Secure private text, photos and audio clips w/ PIN (AES 256-bit encryption)
# Social media sharing – works with, Email, Facebook, Twitter
# Online or offline access to your notes, WideBoards or ScribbPads
# Notes and Journals – Hand write, draw or just record
# Media files – audio/photos/video
# Search, Help

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