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Driftback is an interactive photo-frame app that displays all the memories from your device and social Network accounts in one simple, beautiful layout.

Randomly cycle through photos from your camera roll, entries from your calendar or, for a one-off in-app Upgrade, even statuses from Facebook, snaps from Instagram, tweets from Twitter and check-ins from Foursquare – all with a swipe of your finger. All you have to do is tell Driftback which sources you want To see and the app will do the rest. There’s no predictable ordering so you’ll always be surprised at What comes up!

With the ‘Autocycle’ mode on, turn your device into an interactive photo frame – perfect for displaying Around the house.

All memories are shown with dates, locations and titles (if available).


# Shows photos and calendar entries from the device.
# Also integrates photos and statuses (or equivalent if available) from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter.
# Dates and location information (if available) displayed alongside memories.
# Automatic offline support – smooth cycling wherever you are!
# Fullscreen mode – photos and images stretched to completely fit the screen without distortion.
# Autocycle mode – 3-25 seconds per memory.
# Like what you see? Easily share past memories through Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and email.

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Camera Genius spent over 2 weeks as the #1 Paid iPhone App! Buy now to find out why!

We’ve completely rebuilt Camera Genius to let you capture great photos and videos with ease!

# Take Videos (iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch ONLY)
What camera would be complete without a video mode? Capture videos and even zoom in and out on your subjects while recording, just like a real video camera! *

# Camera Zoom (Up to 6X digital zoom)
Now zoom in on subjects to get that close-up shot. Combine it with our anti-shake for even clearer zoomed shots.

# Timer & Sound Capture
A timer lets you set up timed group photos. You can set the interval between 2 and 300 seconds. Just tap the numbers when the timer pulls up to change the timing interval. You can even set it to repeat mode to capture photos automatically. The sound capture setting allows you to take photos by detecting noise to snap your photo.

# Full Screen Camera Button
The big photo button makes it easy to capture those photos without having to try and tap the tiny photo button, potentially missing that candid shot. Just tap the screen to take the photo.

# Prevent Blurry Photos with Anti-shake
Anti-shake stabilization helps eliminate those blurry photos caused by excessive iPhone camera movement.

# Improve Photo Composition with Guides
Camera guides help you compose and align photos based on known photographic principles. Eliminate those crooked photos before they happen.

# Burst Mode Shooting
Take 3 shots in rapid succession. Great for getting that action shot!

# Camera Manual
Lots of hints on the best way to take photos on your iPhone. Read the quick tips to greatly improve your photos.

# Review your photos
A new user interface makes reviewing your photos a breeze. Camera Genius releases another first: adjustable sized thumbnails! Use the slider to decide how many photos you want to see at once. Also included is a full-screen slide show and the ability to pan and zoom around your photos. All photos are saved to the camera roll for quick syncing with your computer.

# Edit your photos.
What photo app would be complete without the ability to edit your photos? We have over 20 great One Step filters! From Grunge, 70’s style, Lomo and Cross Processing to Flash, Cinema, and Pseudo HDR we have got you covered! If that’s not enough we have 20 Adjustment Filters to give you fine control over hue, contrast, brightness, etc. Crop your photo to improve its composition. We also have custom borders you can apply to any filter. All filters can be stacked to give you nearly infinite options with the look of a photo. Turn a drab photo into a work of art with a couple of clicks.

# Share your photos.
Need to get that photo or video onto Facebook, Twitter, Flickr? We’ve got you covered! Now post your photos and videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Tumblr, YouTube, Clipboard and Email. You can even post to multiple services at once!

If photos are not showing in Album View.
Go to your Settings icon on the iPhone. Select General > Location Services. Make sure “Genius” is switched on.

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Hides your Photos, includes a decoy area, advanced security intruder alert features, USB/wifi Import & export, and much much more.
Featured by Apple, IGN, MACNN, AppAdvice, Appvee, PCWorld and many more!


Picture Safe 2.9 Four straight years on top, countless free updates and still the most advanced privacy app out there – forget pretend fake dot-lock apps or copycats with minimal features and read our feature list and over 10,000 4-5 star reviews!! Nothing else packs in this much value!

Picture Safe provides a much needed way to separate, group, organise, PASSWORD PROTECT and back-up pictures, providing a secure common-sense way for you to keep your Pictures Safe. No need to worry about others stumbling across your ‘private’ pictures anymore!

Some of the many unique features:
# Creates a Password Protected storage area for ANY image from your Camera, Photo Album, or the Net.
# Create folders for better organising of images!
# Includes an entirely separate decoy safe for unauthorised users.
# Fake Calculator Entry Screen – with longer 8 digit PIN Numbers
# Our unique ‘Snoop-Stopper’: takes unauthorised people to a safe area showing generic images (beaches, puppys etc).
# Dual passwords: for access to Real and ‘Safe’ Picture modes.
# Use the camera to take private photos from within the app.
# Discrete Icon and app name on device (says PS)
# USB Transfer via iTunes new ‘File Sharing’ feature.
# Support for Retina Display and Images up to 2500×2500
# Slideshow with adjustable settings
# Multitouch control – Zoom, Swipe, Rotate
# True Multiple Image Import
# Quick Hide – With a double tap action you can quickly replace any offending image with a fake spreadsheet or image of your choosing.
# Copy + Paste Images directly from Safari/Email
# Bluetooth Transfer

# NEW Advanced Security Alerts.
Photograph taken of would be intruders, including GPS location, date and time captured and emailed to you.
# NEW Password Reminder via email.
# NEW AirPlay Support (requires AppleTV)
# NEW Keypad Entry Theme
# NEW Grid/list views
# WiFi Connectivity to your Mac/PC ! (Using FTP or Browser. No need to sync via iTunes).
# IMPORT. Grab 1000’s of pics from your computer and with a single button press upload them into your iPhone.
# VIEW your iPhone/iPod Touch photos fullscreen on your Mac/PC (slideshows too).
# ORGANISE. Use your pc/mac to rearrange, rename, delete pictures.
# BACK-UP. Easily transfer copies of pictures from Picture Safe onto your PC/Mac via USB.
# Export back to photo album.
# Email images to friends from within Picture Safe.

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Narrato lets you privately record all of your activities, then curate them into journals that can be selectively shared.

Use the Narrato LifeStream to import your activities from all of the services you already use and love, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Moves, and App.net. If you use an iPhone 5S, you can also record your daily step count from the M7 co-processor.

If you want to remember something that doesn’t belong on other networks, effortlessly add thoughts, photos, moods, and locations directly into Narrato.

Curate your activities into journals based on topics and events. Narrato is private by default, but you can choose to publish selected journals online for others to enjoy. Once a journal is published online, you get a unique URL that you can share with close friends and family. If you want more people to see your published journal, you can share it with friends on your favorite social networks.


=>Publish selected journals online for others to enjoy
=>Universal app for iPhone and iPad
=>Optimized for iOS7
=>Background sync support with iOS7
=>Automatic step counting with the iPhone 5S
=>Share your journal entries to your social networks
=>Full landscape support
=>Accessibility and dynamic font sizing
=>Cloud Sync & backup
=>LifeStream integrates with the services & apps you already use
=>Works whether you have signal or not!
=>Create multiple journals
=>Shows local weather
=>PIN Lock
=>Camera+ Integration
=>Post Moods, Photos & Locations!
=>Mood tracking
=>Organize your entries by day
=>Ascending or descending order
=>Entry date selector
=>Save photos to camera roll

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