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See the world like an artist! You don’t need to paint to create beautiful watercolor images—Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color.

Photography, distilled™

# See the world like an artist!
# Transform your photos into luminous watercolors.
# Use your watercolors to create an artist’s journal or notebook.
# Share you watercolors on Instagram, Twitter and other social media.
# Universal App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
# From the creator of Percolator and Popsicolor for iOS.

# 12 pre-set styles to customize your watercolors by controlling wetness, pen outlines and color.
# Image export at high resolution
# Adjust borders, lightness, and detail
# Includes example images

Waterlogue runs advanced image processing software for the highest possible quality watercolor rendering. It produces wonderful images on any device that runs iOS 7, but your rendering times will be shorter on newer, faster devices. Below are the processing times for some typical devices:

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Create personalised wallpapers & photos with PhotoBlur!

PhotoBlur creates amazing wallpapers based on your photos. Whether its photo of your trip to Hawaii or your first car, PhotoBlur will automatically use the colours of the image and create smooth & perfect background for you. You can then Modify it with captions, overlay images etc.

PhotoBlur has a plethora of features including –
# flip, modify saturation and brightness of your wallpaper.
# Overlay the original image over your wallpaper.
# Overlay a custom caption and choose between 7 beautiful fonts.
# Share your wallpaper on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email or any other social networking app you have on your device
# Beautifully animated user interface.
# Double tap anywhere to preview your wallpaper


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