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For kids, nothing beats Saturday morning cartoons, except maybe learning how to draw them. This app is designed to walk you and your kids through the entire process of learning to draw cartoon characters.

And even though we’re convinced this is the best drawing app out there, we’re constantly trying to improve. So if you run into any issues while using this or any of our other apps,

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to draw:

# The whole SpongeBob universe—characters, interiors and background
# Halloween-themed characters like Jack Skellington, Grim and Count Duckula

And we’ll be adding more lessons each month!

# Characters from Mario Brothers, including Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi
# Characters from Lion King, including Scar, Timon and Pumba

Even though the app starts out with the basics of the proper technique to hold a pencil and how to draw lines and curves, it quickly progresses to more advanced skills including:

# Turning basic shapes into characters
# Adding expressions and scenery
# Drawing characters in different positions
# Building whole scenes with a background and multiple characters
# Putting on the finishing touches like inking, coloring and shading

Using this app, you’ll be able to track your progress through Mahalo’s high-quality drawing video series, taught by drawing expert Ken O’Brien. Ken has worked as a level designer and storyboard artist for several video games, including the SpongeBob Wii game “Creature from the Krusty Krab” and majored in art and animation at Cal Arts

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Brushes is a painting app designed exclusively for iOS. Rewritten from the ground up, Brushes 3 is universal — the same version runs on both your iPhone and your iPad. Move paintings between your devices and keep working wherever you go.

An accelerated OpenGL-based painting engine makes painting smooth and responsive — even with huge brush sizes. Brushes also records every step in your painting. Show off your creative process by replaying your paintings directly on your device.

General Features:
=>Create paintings with dimensions up to 2048×2048
=>Full support for all Retina devices
=>Background autosave
=>Unlimited undo and redo
=>Simple and approachable interface

=>Full screen painting
=>Record and replay paintings
=>Ultrafast OpenGL-based painting engine
=>Huge brush sizes up to 512×512 pixels
=>Simulated pressure
=>64-bit painting on the latest hardware
=>14 parameterized brush shapes
=>Adjustable brush settings (spacing, jitter, scatter, etc.)
=>Adjustable color opacity
=>Invert color and desaturate
=>Flip and arbitrarily transform layers
=>Adjustable color balance (iPad only)
=>Adjustable hue, saturation and brightness (iPad only)

=>Create up to 10 layers
=>Lock and hide layers
=>Lock layer transparency
=>Adjust layer opacity
=>Duplicate, rearrange, and merge layers
=>Change blending modes: normal, multiply, screen, exclude

Import and Export:
=>Integrated with Dropbox
=>Import native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, and PNG files
=>Export as native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, PNG, and Photoshop files (with layers)
=>Place images from your photo album into paintings
=>Copy paintings to the pasteboard
=>Tweet paintings
=>Post paintings to Facebook

=>Zoom with two finger pinch
=>Zoom in with two finger double tap
=>Zoom to fit with two finger double tap
=>Toggle interface visibility with a single tap (this can be changed to a two finger tap in the app settings)
=>Tap and hold to access eyedropper tool

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