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Nytapp app

Nytapp is a premium app for finding the best nightlife events in South Africa. It’s all you need to keep updated with the finest nightlife so you don’t miss out on anything. All you must do is open the app and you’ll get a list of events that you can scroll through.

The app focuses on nightlife such as nightclubs, bars, music concerts, student parties, shisanyamas and other events at party venues. If you like to go out and party, then you absolutely need to download this app.
The app comes with many great features, such as:

# See the events that are nearest to you and if you continue to scroll through the events, then you will see events that are farther away.
# Map view which allows you to see nearby events on a map as pins.
# Free to download and you don’t have to pay anything once you start using it.
# Share events with your friends over Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.
# Mark events as ‘interested’ to save in your profile and check them out later.
# Privacy is ensured as user profiles cannot be viewed by anyone else and you can only see the name of a profile in comments.
# Filter through events based on date, location, venue, and type.

Nytapp also gives you the option to register yourself as a user but it’s not mandatory so you can browse through events anonymously. The user profile only requires your name, mobile number, and an optional display picture. During registration, you will get an SMS to verify your mobile number. You get the option to like, comment and share events and venues.

You can even look up details about the venue. The address of the venue comes integrated with Maps and you can click on the venue to find directions through the Maps app. Contact details of the venue are also available. So, you can tap-and-call the venue.

Nytapp is a must for anyone who wants to keep checks on the latest nightlife events around them in South Africa.