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Nun Attack Origins


An ancient portal has opened, releasing a force that razed the village and spirited the orphans away. It’s up to Yuki, Sister of Silence, mistress of stealth and Nun-jutsu, to eradicate this unrelenting evil. In this epic quest to save the missing orphans and avenge the village, peek into Yuki’s past as she uses her deadly ninja war fans to kick some serious butt.

In a world where the wicked know no rest, you must hunt down the forces of evil and save the kidnapped orphans before God knows what horrible fate befalls them!

In this tactical action-puzzle, discover Yuki’s secret art of Nun-jutsu: slide, slice and dice!

Through an intuitive touch-screen gameplay, strike at enemies from the shadows, slay – Deep Ones, and rebuild the village, all on your quest to save the missing orphans.

– 90 different levels
– 216 orphans to rescue (please save them all!)
– A village to rebuild
– A fun strategic one-touch game
– Action-packed, non-stop fun!

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