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In today’s time, there is an importance of viral. It is because to get famous or fame any content, there is no other platform to viral the things other than social media. In keeping this view, Zoebook is an application that I like to introduce to you here.

The main aim of this app is to allow users to viral the content within 48 hours. The user could easily share images or stories that he or she wants others to see. Moreover, it allows a user to communicate with friends & find new personalities.

Features of Zoebook:

  • Connecting to new: With this application, you could easily connect to new persons. Come in contact with new personalities on this platform.
  • Watching live videos: Enjoy the live video anytime or anywhere in this application.
  • Commenting on the post: If you want to share your words about any particular post, just comment on it.
  • Post details: Tap on the post details option and get the details.
  • Private communication: There is a facility to communicate privately in this application. No other thing will get out in this private chat.
  • Like: If you love any post then like it by just tapping on the Like button
  • Notification: To get any latest information, there is a notification option.
  • Report the post: You could report the post if it’s inappropriate or spam
  • Follow: Like in any other social media, in this also you could follow your best friend
How to use it?

The using of this application is so simple & easy. As a user, you need to make a profile with the help of email ID & number. After that on the home screen, you could easily upload the picture or the video by tapping on the respective icon. Add the description and then post it.

Meanwhile, you could do chatting, or go for VP which stands for Viral Post. To search any friend a user could go for a search option. This process will help in finding your old friends easy & quickly.  The post will get popular after using the option VP.

Merits of using this app:

Coming on the merits of this app. It’s having the following benefits.

  • Simple & Easy
  • User-friendly features
  • Post at any time or anywhere
  • Private communication feature

To make any content viral, Zoebook is the best social media app. A user could easily upload the story that he or she wants to make viral.


Everyone loves appreciation and compliments. There is hardly anyone who does not like being flattered and praised. Compliments don’t just boost your self-value and confidence but they can also help you work with added passion and dedication. Sometimes a simple compliment from someone special can change the trajectory of your day.


Even though everyone loves to receive compliments, not all of us are comfortable enough to compliment someone personally. Some find it awkward and uncomfortable, while others aren’t good at the art of showering praise without sounding patronizing. For such people and everyone else who loves compliments, Clikq is a blessing.


A simple app that allows you to compliment your friends and family anonymously, Clikq can help you boost the morale of your dear ones and add a slice of positivity to their day. You don’t have to worry about how you will frame the compliment as Clikq has a long list of compliments to choose from, which will make your job easy.


Clikq is a social media platform without the rampant hatred and unnecessary bells and whistles. It allows you to follow your friends and vice versa thus giving you a new and effective way of staying in touch all the time. It allows you to have seamless conversations with your friends real-time.


The app is full of features that make it standout among others. The Discover feature allows you to look for new and old friends easily. A person may have a lot of friends but best friends are rare and few, similarly, on Clikq your best friends are determined by a ‘gems’ system. The more you interact the more gems you get. You can DM (direct message) your best friends so that you can make secret plans easily. The rank system allows you to compete with your friends in a harmless and innocent manner. The more you talk, the better your rank will be.


Now you don’t have to miss a person when you can see them any time on your phone. With the quick video call feature, talk to your friends right away. You can even choose a topic before video calling a friend. You can video call anyone except people whom you don’t follow. Want more? Clikq also has a group video call feature so that your gang can hang out together without moving out of your homes. Video calls are a great way of collecting gems too, as more you talk, the more gems you will earn.


The app packs all the above and many more features which makes it suitable for everyone. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you will find Clikq extremely addictive and efficient, as it will allow you to stay together in a fun and innovative way.


The app needs iOS 10.0 or higher updates to function. You can download the app at   HYPERLINK “https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clikq/id1396505469?ls=1&mt=8” .The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Compliment new and old friends and bring a dash of positivity and happiness to their life. Download Clikq and Clikq away!