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Demonstrate — Mobile Prototyping (Powered by Dropbox) is an easy-to-use, free prototyping app for iOS 7 allowing users to create native app demos without writing any code.

Prototypes created using Demonstrate make use of native transitions, allow you to import high-fidelity designs and play the app full-screen mode giving the app prototypes a native feel.

Key Features: 

# Create App demonstration’s easily without writing a single line of code
# Import High-Fidelity Screens from Dropbox
# Import your hand drawn wireframes or sketches from the Camera Roll
# Create Hotspots on the design
# Link Hotspots together with a wide range of transitions available in the app
# Export projects and share easily them via email/message
# In addition to Dropbox, share projects to iTunes as well

All your projects can be viewed using Demonstrate without the need to upgrade

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