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Neoniks Review


WARNING: Click ‘More” only If you’re a real gamer who loves games that are EASY to learn but SUPER HARD to master……

Bubba the cat just invented a new flying device!

# Help him test this magical device by avoiding obstacles in his way, as he tries to fly as high as he can inside the giant padlock on the city gates.

# Control Bubba with one finger! Just tap on the screen to level Bubba and don’t let him crush into the walls or obstacles.

# Helicopter pilot license is NOT required!

# The game is super easy to learn and get started, yet challenging enough for player of any level!

# Become addicted as you challenge your friends and family and perfect your newly acquired helicopter hat skills!

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Create your own crazy Halloween card, e-mail it to your friends and family and celebrate Halloween in a creative way!

Perfect app for whole family to get into the Halloween spirit.

Neonik kids, Phoebe and Jay, find themselves in a mysterious house. Take a snapshot of the creatures living there and make a special Halloween card.

# Choose among eight magical characters.
# Each one does something different, so make sure to tap on them to see what they do.
# Move, resize and rotate the characters on the screen. Play with as many as you wish!
# Read the description of each character and find out who he or she is.
# Explore the creepy room and discover fun little surprises. Always wanted to pet a goblin or tease a witch? Go ahead !!!

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Mystie the Fox is an animated game and live cartoon for all ages.

Mystie finds herself in the enchanted forest and meets the cutest magic creatures ever:

# A ladybug traveling on the dandelion seed head

# Skydiving rag doll

# A little friendly ghost

# Blabbing aliens in their tiny UFO

# Firefly mosquito that has an electric bulb in its tammy

# Grumpy Bubba the copter cat

# A magic thundercloud

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Get your child excited about learning the multiplication (times) table!
Kids and Adults will master multiplication (times) table in NO TIME while playing this amazing game:

# Features Unique Multiplication (Times) Table Game
# Three Different Levels of Play with Increasing Difficulty
# Hints for Beginners
# Memorize Multiplication Table
# Recall Math Facts Quickly

The multiplication is the most FUNDAMENTAL foundations of mathematics.
Learn the multiplication table in the funnest way possible and then test your skills against the best.
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this game has the right level for you.
Cross the Multiplication Sea going from one island to another as fast as you can!
Solve the problem and press on the island with correct answer in the highlighted row.
Chose the Rookie Pilot level if you want to practice a particular number. Then, once you have all of the Numbers down cold, advance to the Pro Pilot level and test your knowledge.
Once you become an expert – try your luck on the “Ace Pilot” level, but be warned – this level is reserved for the best!
Brag to your family and friends about your newly acquired multiplication skills!

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