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WARNING: Click ‘More” only If you’re a real gamer who loves games that are EASY to learn but SUPER HARD to master……

Bubba the cat just invented a new flying device!

# Help him test this magical device by avoiding obstacles in his way, as he tries to fly as high as he can inside the giant padlock on the city gates.

# Control Bubba with one finger! Just tap on the screen to level Bubba and don’t let him crush into the walls or obstacles.

# Helicopter pilot license is NOT required!

# The game is super easy to learn and get started, yet challenging enough for player of any level!

# Become addicted as you challenge your friends and family and perfect your newly acquired helicopter hat skills!

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Create your own crazy Halloween card, e-mail it to your friends and family and celebrate Halloween in a creative way!

Perfect app for whole family to get into the Halloween spirit.

Neonik kids, Phoebe and Jay, find themselves in a mysterious house. Take a snapshot of the creatures living there and make a special Halloween card.

# Choose among eight magical characters.
# Each one does something different, so make sure to tap on them to see what they do.
# Move, resize and rotate the characters on the screen. Play with as many as you wish!
# Read the description of each character and find out who he or she is.
# Explore the creepy room and discover fun little surprises. Always wanted to pet a goblin or tease a witch? Go ahead !!!

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Mystie the Fox is an animated game and live cartoon for all ages.

Mystie finds herself in the enchanted forest and meets the cutest magic creatures ever:

# A ladybug traveling on the dandelion seed head

# Skydiving rag doll

# A little friendly ghost

# Blabbing aliens in their tiny UFO

# Firefly mosquito that has an electric bulb in its tammy

# Grumpy Bubba the copter cat

# A magic thundercloud

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