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My Little Mathematician App


This is an Educational math game for young kids, or for anyone trying to learn basic math. All of the math Problems as of right now can go up to one hundred, and there are no timers so you can take your time and Really concentrate on solving the math problems.
This is not your average math game!!!

Kids will learn basic math skills in the following areas:

1. Count all the way up to one hundred in number form and in word form.
2. Place numbers in correct order, from either counting up or counting down.
3. Tell which number is greater or less than the other.
4. Count objects.
5. Match numbers to word numbers.
6. Match word numbers to numbers

1. Solve basic addition problems.
2. Solve basic addition problems with a missing addend.

1. Solve basic subtraction problems.
2. Solve basic subtraction problems with a missing addend.

Special features:-
1. Interactive math game with physics on some levels.
2. Grading system for each player profile
3. Achievements

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My Little Mathematician