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A revolution in music discovery; Huurd.it helps listeners find new music around them, and allows free global promotion for musicians.



An artist on the move drops a track on the map in their current location. This pins their track from their profile on to the map. This is called dropping tracks
You can drop a track anywhere in the world until your heart’s content.
Listeners open the map, to see what music is nearby or what is happening globally. From London to Rio de Janeiro, simply tap on the dropped track and listen. You can even start your personal connection with that musician.



We like making life easy for the musicians
Dropping tracks is linked to your location, allowing new people to listen, share, connect and discover your music.
Listeners can be anyone, allowing connections to be made with people you would not necessarily come into contact with. You leave your mark on the world with music.
If listeners like you, you rise up the huurd.it charts.
If they love you, they can directly message you, telling you they happen to have a friend at a record label…



You’re a musician; bedroom, emerging or world touring artist.
You want to be huurd and reach everyone with your sounds, but you just don’t have the time and money to hit various audiences. Or you just want to let the world know your brilliance even more.
Never before have you been offered an opportunity for free global promotion….think about that.



The beauty of huurd.it; anyone can listen to new music wherever they are by simply opening the map and clicking on a nearby profile; Based on real time experience!
Discover new music nearby and globally everyday
A real time music discovery experience
Find undiscovered talent, everyday, every minute
Personal contact with musicians.
Share new musicians before the record labels.
Recommend collaborations! …genius

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Slyde is the place to discover, follow, and share hot new music singles the way they were meant to be experienced, directly from the artists! All for free!
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