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Monster Squad Racing FREE


Press a locked stage and watch the ad for a FREE stage unlock reward !
IMPORTANT ! PRESS AND HOLD the screen when going DOWNHILL and RELEASE when going UPHILL!

That is HOW to increase your SPEED!

“SCREAM” through this fantastic FREE arcade Monster squad dash Scooter Race game .Help Dracula and his funny but creepy sidekicks Werewolf, Frankenstein, Witch & Zombie race back to the haunted castle before Sunrise!?

This is a FREE, addictive and funny arcade race game the whole family will love. !


Increase your dash speed of the scooter by pressing and HOLDING your finger on the screen when going DOWNHILL and release when climb UP HILL .This will make your scooter go faster in the race as you go down and climb up each hill. Make sure you collect all the Evil Energy Orbs!!.

During the scooter dash race and when airborne press the various trick buttons to see what kind of FUNKY and FUNNY moves each character makes.

Does this race game Sound Simple????

Let’s see if you can master the skills to complete this funky Monster squad scooter race game??

Race Game Features include:

# Free to download
# 35 addictive and funny challenging scooter race levels
# Race the monsters against the clock (Make it back to the Castle before Sunrise!!)
# 5 Funky scooter air tricks for each character during the race
# Gather as many Evil Energy Orbs for points
# 5 Creepy monster Characters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Witch, Zombie)
# Arcade style Power Boost options to help you climb through each race level
# Level skips for when you are too scared to complete a race level!!

Monster Squad Racing FREE - Arcade Scooter Race Clash by Ben Burns
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