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Simple. Social. FREE. Tilt is the easiest way to collect money with your group.
Featured by Apple in Best New Apps!

Tilt is the easiest way to pool money with a group for FREE! Organizers shouldn’t have to hassle friends for cash or front the money themselves. Tilt makes it simple, social, and free to collect money in advance—perfect for parties, gifts, tailgates, group vacations, community fundraisers, and everything in between.

With the Tilt app, you can:
# Start collecting money in three taps. Contribute in one.
# Easily follow your friends and see what they’re tilting.
# Eliminate risk: no one gets charged unless your goal is reached.
# Let everyone see who has contributed so you don’t have to play bounty hunter.
# Share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, text, and email.

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Create lists of your incomings & expenses in a fast, friendly & fun way while keeping track of the Balance.

Fudget is for the user who wants to keep their budget planning fast and simple. Sound like you? Download Fudget to simplify your money management!

# Create simple lists of incomings & expenses – keep track of the balance
# One-tap adding & editing
# Tap star on an income or expense to repeat it on future lists
# No time constraints – use it monthly, weekly or however you like
# Learn the interface in seconds
# Drag to reorder items
# Choice of currency symbols
# Universal app – buy once and install on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Coinverter is super-simple currency converter for iOS which provides you up-to-date currency rates.
Convert amounts between unlimited number of currencies, even without Internet connection.

Coinverter Features:
# Over 160 world currencies included
# Customize your main currency
# Add unlimited additional currencies
# Automatic currency rates update via Coinverter server
# Copy & Paste everything or just individual results
# Background App Refresh support

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Money by Jumsoft presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track your income and spending, keep budgets, and have your data synced among your iPhone, iPad, and Mac via Dropbox. Do it all in a straightforward and stylish interface.

Convenient income and expense tracking
=>Multiple types of accounts (bank, cash, credit card, and asset)
=>Multi-currency support
=>Straightforward way of managing categories and payees
=>Enter transactions by category or payee
=>Transfer and split payments
=>Easy sorting, labeling, and searching

Easy budget planning
=>Multiple budget capability
=>Various budget periods, including one-time budgets
=>Progress bars for each budget category
=>Color indications and alerts for low and exhausted budgets
=>Recurring budgets

Smart scheduler
=> Advance planning of expenses, income, and transfers
=> Handle recurring transactions, such as utility bills
=> Reminders about pending scheduled transactions
=> Automatic payment capability

Advanced reports
=> Multiple report types
=> Easily changeable report parameters
=> Various options for report customization
=> Pie charts
=> Printing and emailing capabilities

Cloud storage and syncing
=>Document storage on Dropbox
=>Syncing with Money for Mac and iPad (requires iOS 6 or later)

More handy features
=>Password protection
=>Streamlined interface

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Koku is a fresh approach to personal finance management that puts you in control! Don’t take our word for it, keep reading and check out our website for more details before you purchase!

All Your Accounts In One Place

By consolidating your finances – all your checking, savings, and credit card accounts – into one place, Koku provides shocking insight into your spending and income habits. Have old financial statements to analyze? No problem! Koku’s importing lets you easily merge the past with the present.

Spend Less, Save More with Budgets

Koku’s new budgeting feature lets you set and track your spending goals in real time, as you make purchases. It’s now even easier to stay on top of your finances, and the power of Koku budgets means that it’s dead simple to track your spending on virtually anything. Need to limit your caffeine intake? Just create a budget for all transactions tagged with “coffee” and let Koku do the rest!

Keeping Your Finances Personal

Koku is flexible and easy to use while keeping your personal finances, well… personal! Create your own tags to describe transactions, then generate custom reports to analyze your finances – literally in your own words! After just a few weeks of using Koku, you will learn more about your financial habits than you ever expected – like how much you spend on food, clothing, or your favorite coffee shop.

iCloud Syncing with Koku for Mac

Keep your financial data in sync whether you’re on the go or at home. Koku provides support for iCloud syncing, allowing you to keep your financial data in sync between multiple Macs and iPhones. It’s never been this easy to stay on track!

Check out some more highlights of Koku’s fantastic features:

=> Direct Connect

=> iCloud Syncing

=> Smart tagging technology

=>Intelligent reporting

=>Quick Add & Quick Report

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BUDGT Will Help You Keep Track of your Expenses in a very simple way and tell you how much money you can spend each Day, Taking in account what you have already spent during the current month

=>Enter your daily Expenses
=>Let BUDGT take care of all the math behind it
=>See every day how much you can spend

Easy Saving
=>By seeing how much you can spend every day you will automatically spend less.
=>The variable Daily Budget will open your eyes to your financial situation from day to day.

=>Create your very own Budget with monthly recurring or one-time incomes and expenses.
=>Create and manage your own Categories.
=>Set your own Reminders to never forget to keep track.

The Big Picture
=>Month End Projection to see where you stand.
=>Month Budget showing you how much money you have left this month.

=>Edit already passed days.
=>Scroll through passed month to compare.

Easy Currencies
=>By not using defined currencies, BUDGT allows for easy travelling!
=>Activate the Travel Mode and BUDGT will take care of conversions for you without you even noticing.

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Wally is the best way to seamlessly manage your money.

Balance your income and expenses to set goals — and reach them! Or don’t set goals; it’s up to you.
Just Saying.

It’s smart, intuitive and helps you take control.

=>Completely free
=>Private & Secure
=>Fast, Smart & Intuitive
=>Save receipts with each transaction
=>Export & Back-up (automatic iCloud back-up)

To our users, thank you so much. Your support has been absolutely incredible:

=> #1 Finance App in 22 countries
=> Top 10 Finance App in 52 countries
=> 4.6 out 5 Stars Reviews – Global Average
=> 1st Place in 3 Start-Up Competitions
=> “Top 10 Start-Ups” – Forbes Magazine

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Because they are people who do not use household ledger very often, we have analyzed people who do not use it. While it is good to manage perfectly all things in the real world, it is still difficult for the system to automatically do that. As such, people have to directly and manually manage and adjust it.

That is why people think that maintaining a housekeeping book is very difficult and cumbersome. We made this for such users.
Do not think that complex functions are difficult. Gradually start maintaining a housekeeping book with Weple Money. We can also do it. We will cheer you on.
We hope that a small change will come your way with Weple Money.

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Spendbook is a beautiful app for tracking your expenses and income. With its elegant and uniquely designed user interface, Spendbook makes the process of managing your personal finance an enjoyable experience.

Main features:
Expense and income tracking
=> Add a transaction in seconds – perfect when you are on the go!
=> Take a note and snap a photo to help better manage your transactions.

Intuitive charts
=> Beautiful interactive charts.
=> Break down your spending into categories and subcategories to get a deep insight into your finance.

Informative calendar
=> Your everyday expenses and income summarized in a calendar.
=> Browse through the calendar to see how much you spent in the past.

Multiple accounts
=> Set up multiple accounts and switch between them with ease.
=> See the stats of all your accounts in one place, managing your accounts can never be so easy!

Editable categories with subcategories
=> Customize the set of expense/income categories according to your preferences.
=> Organize transactions into subcategories to get a more granular breakdown of your spending habits.

=> Swipe left to right to reveal the sidebar.
=> Swipe down in the home view to add a new transaction; swipe up to see the date bar.
=> Swipe down/up on the date bar to show/hide the calendar.
=> Tap a category icon in the chart view to see the stats of its subcategories.

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