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Balls & Boxes is designed to challenge your memory, attention, and more, it is a fun and innovative new way For training your brain and eidetic memory.

This addictive new test/game is not another “Brain Tuner” in fact it actually helps you practice your memory and concentration. As the name of the app discovered, Balls & Boxes consists from balls and boxes (4 each), The goal of the game is to tap the box that matches the colored ball like at displayed pattern (which is Changing every time you lose).


Are you up for it?

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Balls & Boxes

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An Homage to classic text adventures seen through the lense of a new take on match and color based minigames. Navigate from memory to memory, making decisions and solving puzzles as a complex and At times, dark story unfolds in the text based world around you.

Unique versions of current trends in match gaming, as well as new looks at modern classics.

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Never Lose Anything! WherezMyStuff lets you easily find your stuffs which you have hidden away in your house, office or elsewhere and wouldn’t seem to remember where. Let the app store a record of your stuff and its whereabouts and it will find it for you whenever you need.

The App could be used to store & track your
# Office or Personal Documents
# Your favorite shoes or clothes
# Spare Keys
# Accessories
# Books
# Notes
# Groceries
and basically anything you would need the app to remember.

All you need to do is put in the stuff name, record its whereabouts and click a picture.

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Calc FLO is a Stylish, Simple & Elegant calculator available on the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

# Standard Calculator in portrait view
# Scientific Calculator
# Easy to use Memory Function
# Mutable Sound Effects
# Backspace and Clear button
# Universal app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
# No Ads
# 9 beautiful skins to choose from

Calc FLO is a beautiful and easy to use calculator for those who want to keep things simple whilst looking good.

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