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Memory & Disk Scanner Pro App



NOTE: The scanner will scan and automatically delete/clean junk files/memory on RAM/disk, so you need not to do anything after scanning completed.

# Full name: Memory & Disk Scanner Pro – Check System Information
# The powerful app that shows system information on your device (iPhone & iPad) such as Memory usage, Disk space, CPU usage. In addition, the app provides Memory Scanner to clean memory to increase free of RAM and Disk Scanner to clean up junk files or cache on disk to increase storage space.


# Memory Scanner: Clean memory to free up.
# Disk Scanner: Clean up junk file or cache on Disk.
# Auto Scan when the app starts up.
# Show system information such as: Memory, Disk space, CPU usage, list of processes are running and your network

Memory Scanner Settings:-

# “Min” value: This is minimum percent of RAM which this app tries to free up.
# “Max” value: This is maximum percent of RAM which this app tries to free up. However, the app does not guarantee that free of memory is equal this value.

NOTE: User should not set value too high because It may crash. User only needs to set the best value on user’s device after doing some tests.

Memory Information :-

# In this app, “Free Memory” includes “Free” + “Inactive” Memory on your device. This app will clean “inactive” memory firstly, then the scanner may stop if “Free” memory is enough. Therefore, after cleaning, the value of “Free Memory” (free+inactive) may only increase a bit or not change. That is normal.

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