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Find your phone in the sofa, or in the fridge, and even on the toilet. Just shout MARCO! and find your phone wherever you misplaced it.

If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch somewhere nearby but can’t quite remember where, stop flipping pillows and frantically patting your pockets. The Marco Polo app will help you quickly find your device in just one shout. Just shout out loud “MARCO!” and your hidden device will ring back POLO! so that you can find it.

The Marco Polo app runs silently in the background and never disturbs you until you need it. When that moment comes and you need to locate your device fast, be sure Marco Polo is there to help you out the door. No more panic attacks or getting to a Mac to find your device — Marco Polo works with just your voice and completely offline (no Wi-Fi or cellular needed). The app will listen across multiple rooms, even multiple levels in your home, and will override silent mode so you can find your device no matter what.

You can install Marco Polo on multiple devices, distinguishing each by changing the input phrase that triggers a POLO, for example from “MARCO” to “APPLESEED”. Each device will only respond to its unique phrase. Or simply change the phrase to something fun. The app also features over 30 quality POLO voice recordings to customize how your phone sounds when it responds.

# Over 30 unique POLO voice recordings to customize how your phone sounds when it responds POLO!
# Change the input phrase that triggers a POLO and shout anything you want
# Works even if your device is in sleep or silent mode
# Displays push notifications to light up your screen making it easy to find your phone in the dark
# Volume Boost helps you hear your device even if you left the volume low
# Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
# Easy setup: just launch Marco Polo and leave it running in the background

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