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Marble Mountain


Most Marble’s spend their days drunkenly smashing into each other or hide in constant fear that the finger of God will come along and flick them. However once in a great while there comes a Marble who is brave Enough to leave town and seek glory by traversing to the top of the Mountain and seek the treasure every Marble knows to be there!
Explore your way through rugged wilderness, snow, and lava to reach the top of the Mountain. Avoid Avalanches, leap from waterfalls, delve into ancient graveyards, jump in your minecart and don’t forget to Collect all the Aurum’s.
Beat par time and find all the Aurum’s for each level to unlock your Gold Banner and a new skin to try out for Your Marble.

Using intuitive accelerometer controls to guide you through a wide variety of hand crafted levels, Marble Mountain will make you scream with frustration, but never let you put it down.
Most importantly never forget your hat. Because Marble’s they need hats!

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Marble Mountain