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FSharing is a file sharing app that make your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) become a shared network drive. It’s not a web server file sharing app because it employes the SMB file transfer protocol for sharing that give you an easy way to access files on your iOS devices and manage files there.

Transfer files from PCs to iOS devices are so easy now, no need of iTunes, cable and don’t need to install third party app.

Import photos, musics and manage files within the app, export files to other app.

# Share your files without using any cables.
# No need to use iTunes to copy files to iOS devices.
# Easy to share your files with a few click.
# No need of any third party softwares or apps.
# Transfer your files from your iOS devices to your PC and from your PC to your iOS devices.
# Protect your files from getting deleted or changed by Readonly Mode.
# Protect your files from unauthorized access.

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