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LoanRoll app reviews


LoanRoll keeps your IOUs well organized! – No more forgetting or regretting!

To keep track of all the money you have lent to someone can be tough. Papernotes or entries on your desk get easily lost or out of sight, and small amounts are often forgotten. Your smartphone will take care of that: LoanRoll keeps your IOUs organized and you only need to open your hands to collect all your money!

Create entries among your contacts to set a date for the money you lent. You don’t need to type lengthy description of when, where, and why – simply load a picture of the occassion or event (like a visit to the zoo, your roommate’s rent or the coffeeshop bill you took care of…) You can also send messages (even via WhatsApp) through LoanRoll to your phone contacts, to remind them of open dues.

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