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Struggling to choose the right wine for a meal, mood or moment? Love wine, but baffled by the Choice available? Say hello to Grapeful, a fun app that considers your tastes and matches them to Wines most suited to your palate, and much more. Spend less time choosing the wine and more time Savouring it – Grapeful is truly a sommelier in your pocket!

With Grapeful at your fingertips you can:

# Tell the app what you’re eating and it will suggest a suitable wine style
# Browse wine lists of certain restaurants
# Explore wines by retailer, country, style and occasion
# Introduce an element of adventure and surprise beyond your usual wine selection
# Browse geeky wine facts to impress your date or dining companions with
# Access great offers from a selection of our favourite retailers

Also look out for our weekly ‘Through the Grapevine’ blog, where we’ll regularly recommend wines That are well worth trying.

If you’re a wine lover who knows what you like when you taste it, but you don’t have an extensive Wine database conveniently stored in your head, don’t despair. Wine should be a joy to drink, and With Grapeful to help inform your choice, you can be sure it will be.

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InnerList is a Personal list-making Tool For Your iPhone; it is The Missing List App. Through InnerList, You Can Create a List of Notes, Tasks, or People.

# Use notes to capture thoughts and ideas.
# Manage your personal and work schedules with tasks.
# Divide your contacts into groups of people, to which you can share your other lists and send bulk Emails and text messages.
What Sets InnerList apart is its ability to create different types of lists all in one place; you only need One app to take care of all of your list-making needs!

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