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Fourcast is a fun social collage maker and video sharing app that lets you record 4 videos, up to 16 seconds long, and combines them into one unified video collage that loops and plays simultaneously.

Gather your family to create heartfelt greetings on special occasions, or video stitch 4 movie clips of vocals and musical instruments for a harmonious symphony with friends. Use Fourcast for video blogs, stop motion video productions, or take a family video using the app’s 4 grid lens called “casts”.

As a video maker and video editor, have a blast creating 4 awesome selfies with this ultimate selfie app and social cam.

For casual users, Fourcast is a fascinating movie maker for capturing life’s moments with family and friends.

Life is a story best told in split screen

Take a continuous video up to 16 seconds using the record button, or hold and release a finger on the screen to create stop motion videos. The progress bar that shows elapsed time can be used to plan and sync a recording.

The play button can be tapped anytime to view one or more casts playing simultaneously. Fourcast crops the 4 videos with a border overlay that can be turned on or off.

Tapping on a recorded cast will open the edit menu. Use the trim button to trim the start and end frames with easy-to-use slider buttons. The mute button toggles the audio on or off.

Users can upload their creations to the Fourcast community where they can browse other Fourcasts and connect with Fourcasters who share their passion. There is also the option to share Fourcasts on Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, and other social networks.


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