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Children’s Books Where Your Child Is The Hero In The Story!

Now available with voice recording! Record your voice reading the stories to your child.

All 8 books for one price – no in-app purchases – and you can change the name every time you want to read a story!

This app is a library of personalised stories featuring your child and their friends as the main characters. You get all the books to choose from and your child can change the name of the characters at any time.

# Great for 3-8 year olds
# Beautiful, colourful illustrations
# Encourages the fun of reading
# Great for teaching name recognition to younger children
# Fun fact pages with every book
# Easy chalkboard keyboard to enter names
# Switch from qwerty to abc keyboard any time

We are passionate about getting children to read every day and what better way to ignite your child’s imagination than by making them the main character in the story?
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