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This game was inspired by the paper game from the childhood times that you draw the dots on the paper and flick your pen to shoot down your opponents. This childhood game becomes the fully mobile game which play by “touch and drag”.

You will lead your group fighting with your opponents. You have to throw a ball trying to shoot down your opponents. Whoever can drop the opponent’s leader or all members of the opponent’s group first, win. Do not forget to mind the wind direction and speed before throwing.

# Campaign mode: Wade through levels by playing with computer in each level.
# Versus mode: Train your skills with computer or fight with your friends on single device.
# Campaign+ mode: Wade through levels by playing with computer in harder levels. (Unlock by playing Campaign mode)
# Survival mode: Fight with countless opponents. You have to attack your opponents as many as you can until you drop. (Unlock by playing Campaign mode)
# Time attack mode: Attack your opponents as many as you can within the time limit.
# Wind system: Increase a challenge of aiming target. A ball will deviate from the target point according to wind direction and speed.
# Ability card system: Area ability, horizontal ability or vertical ability, can make your advantage.
# Smart AI: Our AI can deal with many members of your group in only one attack.
# Hall of fame system: You can check your statistic in “Hall of fame”.
# Social network system: You can share your messages, scores, ranks or invite your Facebook friends to join the game.
# Day and night system: In order to increase a challenge in night mode, you will not see your targets while you are aiming.
# Tutorial system: An easy explanation as step by step.

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