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LaunchCode Shortcut with Notification Center Review


LaunchCode allows you to draw custom symbols to launch apps and actions. It is an essential all in one home screen app launcher and multi-purpose utility widget to make your life 100% easier.

It’s a one touch solution that you need to accomplish unlimited tasks on your phone quickly. With a flick of the wrist or a single touch you can launch apps, call mom, text your friends, jump to your favorite artist on Spotify, email your boss, go to your favorite website, and much more; you’re only limited by your imagination.

Key Features:

# Quickly launch actions, apps and websites in one touch
# Call, Text, Email, FaceTime, Skype your contacts
# Create Emails and Messages
# Search Wikipedia
# Scan and search with Amazon barcode Scanner
# Launch your favorite websites
# Speed dial a contact
# Automatically share content on Facebook and Twitter
# Organize and add contacts
# Add new events and appointments on your calendar
# Map routes to your favorite places, like home or work
# Set and control your iPhone screen brightness
# And a whole lot more!!! Be more productive

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