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Laskar Kuliner is a place where you can share your culinary experience a unique and cool ways. Not only to share experiences and opinions. There are many things that you would get from Laskar Kuliner applications include:
# New Location
You can find new locations around you that published by other members. So you have a chance to taste the food that offered by that restaurant
# Comments & Send Sticker
You can give a comment for any opinions submitted by other members freely but still polite.
# Follow, Message, Block Member
Just like the other social media. You can also follow other members, exchange messages, and blocking and report to the user who commit violations.
# Find Location and Routing Direction
In Laskar Kuliner you can search for the location with your creteria and budget! Laskar Culinary also help you and give you a direction to the location so you will not lose any direction.
# Free Coupons
This feature allows you to get a free coupon of restaurant around you! Take advantage of these free coupons to get promo menus are provided by restaurant around you.

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