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There are many ways to teach a child to read but it happens sometimes that someone finds it difficult or time-consuming. Teaching a child with fun is the most suitable way for his or her proper development. The initial stage of a child’s learning is sometimes the most important and difficult to achieve. With time the help of technology there is a new way to teach a child. Recently, Integrated Design Solutions Inc launched a new app named Racing To Read. This application is all about fun activities designed to help your child with reading.

The company states that the main aim of this application is to help build the skills of learning to read. This will help him or her learn beginning sounds. In this way, it will provide a better platform to practice reading words in story rhymes. The developers also revealed that two reading specialists with over 40 years of instructional experience designed this app from start to finish.

Coming to the features of the application, it contains 8 levels of activities with a rhyme at the end of each level. It gives a way to practice learning to read at every stage, with each word family grouped separately.  After each activity, the child stays motivated with instant reinforcement.

Moreover, the graphics of the app are colorful. The color combination of the game is suited to a child’s choice. According to the developer, this app is most appropriate for children ages 3 years to 7 years. This app is perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Homeschool.

As far as if the working criteria of the app is considered, it is a very simple application and also child-friendly. There will be letters on the screen which the child needs to drag in order to complete meaningful words that match the accompanying image.

The increasing level leads to increasing of difficulty and challenge in order to test the child’s learning. It’s a different and good way of learning with fun with of all the pictures in an attractive, colorful design.

Overall, the game is all about a child’s learning and his or her development. Racing to Read actually helps in the building of skills important for emerging literacy.  Purchase this platform to make your child perfect reader and learner. You will never get such a great combination of fun and learning while preparing your child for the future.

Racing to Read


For kids, it is necessary that we let them learn along with fun. When they learn along with playing stuff it gives a good result in their development. In schools also toys are given to kids to learn. Replacing the traditional style, mobile applications are greatly contributing to this area. Fruits & Tots is one of those applications which offer a good platform for a toddler for learning.

Fruits & Tots Key Features:

  • User-friendly features
  • Colorful graphics with Red, Orange and Green color
  • 2 different soundtracks
  • Different puzzles

Playing strategy:

The playing strategy of the game is simple enough. There will be a picture representing different types of fruits and different types of questions will be ask related to fruit name, color, size, and spotting odd out. There is no complexity and any other complicated features. For the correct answer, 3 stars will be awarded and for the wrong answer, 1 or 2 stars will be awarded. There is no nothing to do other than tap and play concept.

It is available on the App store for iOS platform only. This app is perfect for the age group of 2 to 5 years of kids. Even I recommend Fruits & Tots to my friends. They also like this application very much. Download it today and let your kid enjoy this.

Fruits & Tots