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The Backing Track App is designed to help new and old musicians alike with their improvisation, songwriting, and soloing. With 10 themes to choose from, available in 4 tempos and 12 keys, amounting to nearly 500 possible tracks!

Previously, iPhone users who wanted backing tracks on their device would have to purchase expensive CDs with a limited amount of options, often amounting to over $20 a disc! The Backing Track App provides the same or higher quality tracks for a fraction of the cost, and the convenience of having fantastic backing tracks available right in your pocket!

The Backing Track App can be used for guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, and virtually any other musical instrument! In fact, The Backing Track App can be used with multiple instruments at a time, making it possible for anyone to jump in!


Using The Backing Track App is simple, just follow the steps below.

# Tap the track you wish to use
# Tap the tempo and key icons in the bottom left and right to select the appropriate values
#  Press the play button.
#  Start jamming!

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