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Hungry sugar monsters have invaded Sugarland and are devouring all the delicious and colorful sweets laying on its path! Queen Creampuff needs your monster-popping skills to clean up this mess before it’s too late!

Are you a fan of puzzle games such as Tetris, Columns, Puzzle Fighter, and Candy Crush? Then look no further! Sugarmons is a match-3 puzzle game with an advanced character customization feature unlike other puzzlers that allow you to import your characters into your game!

Create and Pop thousands of hungry sugar monsters and prepare to engage in an extremely fun, addicting, and challenging adventure. Pimp each and every aspect of your Sugarmons and load them into your game! Hundreds of collectible items are available for the following categories: Body Color, Skin, Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks, Hair, Forehead, Headgear, and Costume. Turns out that’s thousands of unique ways to combine them! You may even earn rare items that none of your friends possess!

Make quick finger swipes across the screen and place special elemental orbs strategically to combo other elemental orbs. Pop as many Sugarmons as you can in this one minute game. Be fast to unleash a time bonus and extend your game time. The skilled will survive while the unskilled will perish.

Collect hidden candies to pimp your Sugarmons! Share and show off your personalized Sugarmons to the world via Facebook or Twitter! Who will have the coolest and most unique looking Sugarmons? Play to find out!

# Advanced Character Customization: Create your own monsters and load them into your game
# Combine long chains to create one of five elemental orbs, each with its unique explosion
# Strategize the placement of the elemental orbs to combo other orbs
# Make quick consecutive moves to unleash a time bonus
# Extend your game-time to survive longer
# Earn free unique rare items that none of your friends have seen
# Immerse yourself in a great shopping experience
# Share your personalized Sugarmons to the world via Facebook or Twitter
# View and compare other players creations via #Hashtag posts
# Compete against players all over the world via Game Center

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