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Quickly search and book your next flight or hotel – all from the Travelocity app! Save on your next hotel stay with our Mobile Exclusive Deals. And as always, be confident you are getting the best deal with the Travelocity Price Guarantee.

# Get Mobile Exclusive Deals for Hotels
# Review description, photos, user rating and amenities
# View hotels on an interactive pinpoint map
# Read traveler reviews from people who have actually stayed at the hotel

# Search and book round trip or one-way flights
# Sort flights by price, time or duration

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Weather Mate is a stunning new application that combines cutting edge weather forecasting with beautifully crafted UI design to deliver the most accurate climate information suitable for both basic and advanced users. It is intuitive, charming, and more fun than a weather app has the right to be! The UI, combined with a powerful set of weather tools, makes this the #1 weather app.

# Add up to 10 worldwide locations at any one time
# Current weather conditions from the local weather station
# 10-Day forecast
# Hourly forecasts in 1 hour intervals for the next 10 days including detailed weather information at each interval
# Choose the weather station which is closest to your desired area, to get the most localized weather data
# Severe Weather Alerts to keep you abreast of bad weather coming your way
# Live Interactive Radar & Satellite, to go with 15+ other Map Layers.
# Push temperature alerts right on your home screen icon’s badge. Freeze alerts to notify you when the temperature passes zero mark. These alerts also appear in the lock screen & notification center. Stay updated about the weather even when not running the app!
# Stunning background weather animations automatically matched to the current weather conditions
# World clock showing the local time for each of your chosen locations
# Capture your weather screen and share it directly with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email
# Listen to the live weather conditions & temperature. Yes, the app speaks!
# Swipe to switch between selected locations
# Custom brightness control
# Choose your own units for any of the weather parameters. You can also choose between 12 or 24 hour time format
# Sound based UI events
# Universal app. One weather app for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
● Fully compatible with iPhone 5S & iOS 7
● Gorgeous retina graphics (HD ready)

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# Featured by Apple in App Store Rewind 2011 in many countries
# Featured by Apple as iPhone App of the Week in many countries
# Multi-year winner of the Best App Ever Awards (“Best Travel App”)

The leading worldwide points of interest finder

Discover your next destination.
Where To? makes it incredibly easy to locate the closest steakhouse, bank branch, billiard club or anything else you may be looking for, at the drop of a hat! Finally you can find local businesses without any typing, using a slick, intuitive user experience.

The standard Maps app sometimes doesn’t find what you’re searching? — Where To? is a great alternative because it uses proven Google search results. To switch to Where To? easily, you can launch it from Maps using the last mile navigation feature.

With just a few taps, you can find local hits for any type of place you are looking for. Check the found places on the built-in map or in a list sorted by distance. Then call to make a reservation (optionally using Skype) or check the homepage using the built-in web browser.

Explore a stunning new way of visualization with Where To? 3D (iPhone only, available via In-App-Purchase for all devices under your iTunes account, free trial available). Your points of interest will be displayed on top of reality. It‘s more intuitive than ever to check out nearby locations.

Not sure what you want for dinner tonight? Use “Shake to Surprise” to make the choice. Take a chance and find something new and exciting!

Save your favorite restaurants, shops and places to find them later easily. If you own multiple iOS devices, they’re synced via iCloud.

“Is the food delicious? The service great?” Where To? collects and displays ratings and reviews from all Where To? and Google users. New reviews can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Where To? includes dinner menus for almost 500,000 US restaurants. Compare the menus to select your favorite dining location or make your choice while waiting to be seated.

Found your destination? Then let your iPhone show you the way – using the built-in route planner or any of more than 40 apps from the App Store. The standard Maps app, Navigon, TomTom, MotionX GPS drive, Waze and many others are supported. Not enough? If you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz or Audi equipped with a suitable onboard navigation system, you can send locations right to the car dashboard.

Wanna meet with some friends at this new Sushi place in town? Pass along the location info by email, text message, Twitter, Facebook or copy it to the clipboard – It‘s your choice.

# Includes more than 700 customizable categories and 2,200 brands
# Find points of interest near you or your friends and family, anywhere in the world
# New points of interest are automatically reloaded when moving
# Display of pictures, descriptions, opening hours and more
# Available in 11 different languages, covering most of the world with locally optimized search
# VoiceOver

Where To logog
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Do you yearn for the days of Street View in iOS 5? “Flyover” in the new maps app is great but sometimes you want a closer look?
Welcome to “Streets”. Launch it from Maps and go back with a single tap. You’ll feel right at home!

Streets is Maps’ best friend. Launch Streets from “Maps” for any location. View the Street View panorama and tap right back.
If you’re already using our location finder app Where To?, you’ll also be able to take advantage of tight integration with Streets to view your location and snap right back when you’re done.

Drop a pin, search for a city or address or find a person from your contacts. All areas with Street View coverage are marked in blue on the map. The map featuring high resolution Google vector map and satellite imagery can be rotated and tilted.
Your recent searches and the selected map style are all saved, synced and shared with all your iOS devices via iCloud

If you can swipe, you’ll be all right. Just use your favorite gestures to zoom around the Street View panorama. Flip your iPhone or iPad to easily rotate from portrait to landscape and back again. By the way: Compared to the Google Maps app, Streets offers a considerably higher resolution and zoom depth!
The mini map corner displays your current position, viewing angle and field of view.

Share Street View panorama pictures via Mail, text message, Twitter and Facebook with your friends or save them in the camera roll or clipboard. By tapping the title bar you’ll reveal the Street View image date.

Explore more than 700 “gallery places” worldwide – museums, ski resorts and even underwater attractions. There are even indoor multi-level panoramas to make it easy to find your way around museums and more!

Street View  logo
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Beyond Cam is like having a periscope in your phone or pad.

Discover what is beyond your view by using the compass, GPS, satellite mapping, and the camera or your device.

Use local landmarks to locate towns and points of interest, aim antennas, and get an overview of what is nearby are all easy with BeyondCam!

Points of interest can be assigned to any of three colored pins using either Geosearch, coordinates, or by tapping where you want them on a detailed map. You can even drop pins wherever you happen to be at the moment.

BeyondCam shows details from as detailed as Apple Maps have available, up to a range of roughly 150 miles.

Double tap the screen for a detailed view of a particular location.

Beyond Cam logo

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Flight+ is your ultimate travel companion. Track all available flights worldwide in real-time and display them in one intuitive interface. Weather, airport flight boards, airline information and many more features!

“Flight+ is the Road Warrior’s Airport Caddy.”

=> Track every flight at every airport in the world – in real-time.
=> The who / what / where / when of all flights are constantly updated. Terminal and gate changes, delays, arrivals and departures, seating charts… the works!
=> Show the flight board of any airport in the world – instantly.
=> Have relatives or friends flying? Flight+ will track their flights effortlessly. Find out if their flight will be delayed before you get to the airport!
=> Accurate weather / 10-day forecast for your destination.
=> Low traffic data without any performance hit. There’s even an extra-low traffic setting for when you are traveling.
=> Loaded with features, without the extra cost.
=> Available for iPad, iPhone (3GS and newer) and iPod as separate version in the App Store.

Flight+ is built by mobile development professionals who travel a lot – thus, it’s designed to give you exactly what you want, when you want it. Every task is simple to perform, and all information is beautifully and logically displayed. Sorting through the data of +16,000 airports seems complicated, but Flight+ handles it effortlessly. You won’t know how great this application is until you’ve used it.

Flight+ has the most easy-to-use search function available for finding flights on the App Store!

Flight+ detailed features list:

1. Track any flight in the world
2. Simple, intuitive flight search
3. Detailed, real-time Departure and Arrival information of any flight(s)
4. Terminal and Gate information updated in real-time as well
5. Detailed Aircraft information
6. Detailed Seat Maps
7. Automatically synchronizes with your TripIt account
8. Plan your flights in Trips
9. Layover information is automatically displayed

Stay alerted to the latest information regarding your flights. Receive alerts by Push Notification for:
1.Scheduled / Actual Departure Time changes
2.Scheduled / Actual Arrival Time changes
3.Gate and Terminal changes
4. Flight Status changes
5. You can also schedule Departure and Arrival reminders (don’t forget to pick up your friend!)

1. Find any airport worldwide
2. Flight Board of all departures per airport
3. Flight Board of all arrivals per airport
4. Easy airport delay information
5. Map of all Flights to and from an airport
6. Terminal Maps for major airports
7. Extended Weather Forecast per Airport (up to ten days!)

1.Find any airline worldwide
2.Detailed airline info
3.Flight Board of all flights per airline
4.Map of all flights per airline

1. Zoom-able Maps with live flight track information and weather service
2. World Clock integration
3. Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes

1.Sync your flights between your devices using iCloud
2.You can save and share your flight information via e-mail, text message, Facebook, and Twitter
3.Sync with your Calendar
4.Save personal notes, label your flights, and store flight information of any flight you wish

Flight+ has a user interface specially designed for the iPhone and iPad. Check the above screenshots and be amazed at how intuitive and beautiful the application is. You’ll actually wonder how you ever traveled without Flight+

Flight+ – The new way to experience your flights

Flight l

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China is a land of superlatives, a vast country of almost unbelievable diversity. Even if you’re familiar with its most famous wonders — the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Mount Everest — nothing can prepare you for the sheer astonishment that their grace and majesty always evoke. But your most epic adventures may take you to places you never knew existed.

Fotopedia China lets you explore the country’s vast collection of treasures in visual form. Let the poetry of place names sweep you away, as you visit the Temple of Heaven, the Stone Forest, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill and White Cloud Temple.

Spectacular vistas like these, and thousands more, await you within. Each is a jumping-off point for further discovery. Marvel at the colorful mirrored pools of Huanglong, then move on to explore its forest ecosystem framed by snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and hot springs. Fall in love with the picture-perfect ancient towns of Lijiang and Tuojiang.

As you browse these breathtaking photos and visual stories, remember to favorite your discoveries. You’ll be able to come back later and perhaps create your own dream itinerary. Don’t be surprised if you find your list of special places growing fast.

Where will you go on your photographic travels? Perhaps the venerable temple grottoes of Yungang? Or will you watch camels wading in the mountain lakes at Karakul, before taking in the deserts, yurts and minarets of the surrounding Xinjiang region? Maybe you’ll make a visual pilgrimage to the sacred monasteries of Wutai Mountain instead. Or head to Mt Kailash in Tibet, which Buddhists say is the navel of the universe and Hindus call the home of Shiva.

The Chinese civilization is among the oldest in the world. Today, the country is a rich melting-pot of cultures, each with its own proud heritage. Explore the traditions and lifestyles of peoples whose names alone — Bai, Dong, Han, Houhai, Miao, Mosuo, Nakhi, Tibetan, Uyghur, Yao, Yi — conjure centuries of unique tradition.

Sit back and begin your adventure. Let the journey take you from the bustling metropolises of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to the mountaintop villages of the Ming Dynasty. Stop by the Peking Opera or the Shaolin Temple at Song Shan. Watch the sun glint off mighty rivers. And don’t forget the winter ice sculptures at Sun Island, the hundreds of ancient pagodas, the jutting spires of karst stone near Kunming … there’s no way we can mention it all here, so download the app and start exploring.

This is China. Discover it for yourself.

This app lets you explore China through thousands of spectacular images. Visual stories, interactive maps and the Trip Builder feature help you create the voyage of your dreams.

From Fotopedia, creator of the Hall of Fame app Fotopedia Heritage.

Discover China with:
=> A fantastic collection of thousands of spectacular photos
=> Trip Builder to create your own itinerary, or easy-to-build personalized tours
=> Visual stories, updated frequently so you can discover the best of China
=> Share your favorite images and stories via email, Facebook and Twitter
=> Open Graph integration with Facebook to share your discoveries easily
=> Complete navigation with smart tags, search and interactive maps
=> Stunning free wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
=> Instant Slideshows

Fotopedia China l

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National Geographic presents a beautiful, award-winning interactive guide to 25 of America’s most visited national parks. Included free are photo galleries, visitor information, and maps. Purchase the full guides for an even richer experience—and explore the national parks like never before.

Whether you are seeking inspiration and planning your next trip or you’re looking for the ultimate in utility, National Geographic has everything you need to explore twenty-five of the most-visited U.S. national parks at your fingertips. Watch for updates as we continue to add more parks!

Acadia • Arches • Badlands • Big Bend • Bryce Canyon • Canyonlands • Crater Lake • Death Valley • Denali • Everglades • Glacier • Glacier Bay • Grand Canyon • Grand Teton • Great Smoky Mountains • Haleakalā • Hawai’i Volcanoes • Hot Springs • Joshua Tree • Mount Rainier • Olympic • Rocky Mountain • Sequoia and Kings Canyon • Shenandoah • Yellowstone • Yosemite • Zion

Each park guide has all the information you’ll need to know before you go (or get while you’re there!): local time, weather, how to get there, when to go, where to camp or stay, what to do, what to see, and so much more. Plus, each park guide comes with a custom-designed stamp—collect one at each park you visit.

National Geographic is known for its photography, and this app is no different. Explore the parks—from Joshua Tree to the Everglades, from Acadia to Zion—through spectacular images and never-before-seen vintage shots. Plus, learn how to re-create the best photos from the experts: National Geographic photographers.

=> Global and interactive map views with filtering by activity and seasonality
=> Personalized user space to track your favorite parks, activities, itineraries, photos, and more
=> Thousands of points of interest, all tagged with GPS coordinates for easy planning and locating
=> The top must-sees and must-dos for each park, curated by National Geographic editors
=> Stunning photo galleries for each park, plus rare vintage images from the National Geographic Archive
=> Photo tips from National Geographic photographers
=> Sharing through Facebook, email, and Twitter
=> Collectible park stamps
=> And much, much more!

1. Apple Design Award Winner, iPhone Developer Showcase
2. iPad Editor’s Choice
3. iPhone App of the Week
4. W3 Awards – Best in Show 2012
5. Webby Awards Honoree – Best Visual Design
6. 2 time BestAppEver Award Winner

National Parks l

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Food Network On the Road lets you find Food Network recommended restaurants and hot spots across the United States from top shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives; The Best Thing I Ever Ate; Barefoot Contessa and more. Whether it’s in a city you live in, one you’re visiting, or one that’s just on your wish list, Food Network On the Road is the best way to plan your next food adventure.


BROWSE FEATURED RESTAURANTS and city guides from top shows:
=>Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
=>The Best Thing I Ever Ate
=>$24 in 24
=>The Great Food Truck Race
=>$40 a Day
=>Cupcake Wars
=>Giada’s Weekend Getaways
=>Heat Seekers
=>Road Tested With the Neelys
=>Throwdown With Bobby Flay
=>And more!

=>Guy Fieri
=>Bobby Flay
=>Giada DiLaurentiis
=>Alton Brown
=>Rachael Ray
=>Aaron Sanchez
=>And more!

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