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There are a lot of different media apps out there that allows users to play music, watch videos, watch photos on a slideshow and have a place where all these can be safely stored. Zimly is one of these apps with one thing that makes it stick out from the rest: it doesn’t require a data center and works seamlessly with Chromecast. Zimly is not just a mobile media suite, it is a total home entertainment portal that allows you to view media files on your home computer.

Automatic Conversion of files in different formats (AVI, MKV, FLV, TS, ASF, MP4, MOV, etc.)
Minimal Configuration using a 9-digit PIN
Lyrics and subtitles support
2.5 million lyric database
Subtitles in SMI and SRT formats
HD videos minimalist interface

A creation of Nomad Connection, Inc. Zimly allows users to watch the videos and other media that they have on their iPhones right from their devices or through a larger home entertainment system such as a PC monitor and vice versa. The app can do this because it can seamlessly connect with a computer or a big screen monitor with minimal configuration required. Simply put in the 9-digit PIN and you are good to go.

How to Use Zimly 
With its minimalist interface, the app is very easy to use. You can play this just like any media player on your mobile device. Choose music or video by browsing by title or artist, album or genre. To connect to your computer, tap on the CONNECTION button and tap on ‘Send Zimly Streamer download link.’ This will require you to enter your email. Install Zimly on your computer, and click on ‘PIN.’ Enter this PIN on your mobile device to connect that to your computer.

What makes it stand out?

What makes Zimly stand out is it’s easy connectivity with your home PC. The app is also free, and for an app with a smooth, easily navigable interface, getting this for nothing at all is an amazing bargain, especially since you get access to its wide database of songs and lyrics when you download.
— no data center required
— no need for manual encoding or complicated settings
–very easy to use
–allows for seamless connectivity

–occasional slow connection
–problematic ‘Swipe to Browse’ feature
–lack of in-program Help

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Origami is an art form that can be difficult to learn for some people. But, the satisfaction of transforming simple paper pieces into ingenious forms can make it worth. Things become easier now because of technology. There are new ways of learning Origami rapidly and in a fun way, such as the iOS app called Let’s Fold. The application also works on Android based devices and has been developed by the Korean firm FiveThirty. It is an Origami puzzle game that takes Origami craft learning to a new level of fun and excitement.

In Let’s Fold, every level begins with a squared piece of paper and with the form in which it has to be transformed. The grading system is made in such a way to reflect the way you fold the paper for obtaining the form. The gameplay is brilliant and it is the best characteristic of this app. There is a limited number of undos, a limited amount of time and you lose a heart each time you are making a mistake.

The mechanics of folding in this game are very good. This makes the game very addictive. Along with the gameplay, there are other features that make the puzzle game so enjoyable. The graphics and the interface are both looking great. The bigger the screen of your device is, the better it is for the player. You will better experience the 3D feel that the graphics can provide. The screen layout is simple and efficient. Many combinations can be used for solving every puzzle. Compared to other similar titles, this one offers a unique approach and has better gameplay.

If you want to learn Origami in an easy, fun, but challenging way, you can try an amazing application for iOS and Android called Let’s Fold. The game can also be interesting for avid puzzle fans. With beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, this puzzle game can be really useful for people who like Origami and have failed to learn this art form in the traditional way. Even if the game is easy to play, creating the shapes is challenging. Prepare to spend hours on a single puzzle, especially if you are a beginner. The app is almost perfect and can be rated with at least four and a half stars out of five.Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 12.29.32 PM

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