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Ultra-fast translation dictionary that works without an internet connection.

# Offline translation. Most translation apps require an internet connection. Languages stores all words on the phone itself so you always have translation when you need it, whether you are traveling internationally or simply don’t have a connection.
# Lightning fast. Start typing a few letters and boom, you already have the translation you need.
# Unified search. Type a word from either language and you’ll get the results you want. No more switching modes.
# Search or browse. Search is great but sometimes it’s useful and fun to explore a language by browsing through the words alphabetically.
# Innovative A-Z index for quick browsing.
# Common phrases included for most languages.

12 complete language dictionaries included
# Spanish-English
# German-English
# French-English
# Italian-English
# Dutch-English
# Portuguese-English
# Swedish-English
# French-Italian
# French-Spanish
# German-French
# German-Italian
# German-Spanish

Most offline translation apps charge $5+ for each language pair. With Languages you get all language pairs for one low price.

Pro Tips
# Tap and hold the index to magnify the letters.
# Swipe to the right to search.
# In search, swipe to the left to go back to the dictionary.
# In search, swipe to the right to clear a search (much faster than reaching for the clear button).
# Pinch to close a language dictionary.
# Tap and hold to move a dictionary on the shelf.
# Tap a word to copy it or to jump to the main entry for that word in the dictionary.
# Tap the flag icon to switch the primary language.

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Discover the new music application by Fingerlab, winner of the Apple Design Award 2012 for DM1 – The Drum Machine.

Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music.
No use of piano keyboard or partitions, draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen.
Enjoy the 88 instruments (organized into 22 groups) exclusively created and produced at Fingerlab music studio as well as all the exciting and new physical and music tools provided in Musyc.

Musyc is free and its full version is available through in-app purchases.

WARNING: Musyc is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3 and iPod touch 4.

# Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
# Retina Display
# Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPad
# High quality sound engine
# Ultra-realistic physical engine
# Audio track mixer (level, pitch, length, pan, mute)
# 2 effect channels with 10 effects (Delay, Overdrive, Reverb, Phaser, …)
# Physical sequencer
# Motion recorder
# Advanced physical objects (planet, black hole, modulator, …)
# User sound kit with samples import (Dropbox, microphone, iPod, iTunes, Audiopaste)
# Real-time audio recording
# High-quality or compressed exports (DropBox, SoundCloud, Mail, AudioCopy and iTunes)
# Video recording and export to Facebook, Vimeo, Mail and Photo Library
# Inter-app audio support
# Audiobackground support
# 2 skins available: standard and black & white


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Wizdom Music announces EarWizard, created by Jordan Rudess and Felipe Peña. EarWizard trains your ear while improving your memory skills. Repeat back a sequence of chords which gets longer with each round of play. As you improve your skills, the visuals disappear and you will have to depend on your EAR! Start off in EASY mode with only a few chords on screen and with practice, you will ultimately reach the hardest level where you will have seven chords on screen and be playing against the clock!

Whether you are a novice or a trained musician, EarWizard will surely keep you entertained and challenged.


# Three levels – Easy, Normal and Hard
# Start with three chords in a key and go up to seven!
# Features fun Jordan videos playing each chord
# Five different diatonic modes-presented in three keys
# Endless Mode for continuos play in any level
# Speed control-Slow to Lightspeed
# Chart that allows you to hear and see the note spelling of all chords in the selected key
# Wizardly video rewards

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Elevate is a brain training app designed to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, and more. Each person is provided with his or her own personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

With regular training, Elevate will help you improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence.


* Games for critical skills like focus, processing, precision, and comprehension
* Detailed performance tracking
* Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most
* Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure that your experience is challenging
* Workout calendar to help track your streaks and stay motivated
* And more!

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