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The •Professional Music Player• for Solo Performers, Theatre Sound, Dancers and Choreographers.

# Select a Playlist

# Choose a Track

# Nudge In and Out points

# Set a Count-In of a few seconds

# Tweak the volume – for Each Track

# Lock the Playlist down – and you’re ready to go…

No more frantic scrabbling to stop your music skipping straight to the next track – OneTrack allows YOU to make the call. When one track ends the next track is lined up instantly, ready to play. A giant, screen-sized Play Button awaits your tap… Or perhaps you would rather a few seconds to chat to your audience before the next track plays – just set a count-in (any time up to 60 seconds) and have your backing music come in gently… and perfectly on cue.

No more “back to the drawing board” moments when you find that a track is a mite too loud – tailor your volumes for each track on-the-fly and OneTrack remembers it all.

And no more uncomfortable silences between tracks – OneTrack allows you to adjust In and Out points for each track. This feature is also handy when you need to rehearse just one part of your track – set your In and Out points then set the track to Loop and Autoplay and it’ll play indefinitely.


# For Dancers
# For Musicians
# For Magicians
# For Theatre Sound
# For Choreographers
# For Street Performers

…and for anyone who needs their music One Track at a Time!

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Check out SoundPrism Pro if you’re interested in controlling your professional audio hard- and software!

Music like you’ve never seen before!

SoundPrism enables you to create beautiful music immediately without any previous knowledge. With its unique visualization of pitches and intuitive controls composing sophisticated melodies, tone and chord patterns becomes child’s play.

New Features:
# Easily made ringtones for your iPhone
# Record and email your compositions right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad
# Background Audio: Play along to your favorite tracks and other music apps

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