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Nice Weather was designed with simplicity in mind to provide a clean and simple way to check the weather forecast.

Wonderful features
# Up to 5 days forecast for your location and added cities (limited to 1 city in free version)
# Interactive visualization of temperatures and precipitations
# Multiple units for each indicators
# Automatic forecast update

Usage hints
# Slide your finger along the graph to see the evolution of the forecast
# Slide on the time label or use the arrows to change days
# Tap on center icons (thermometer, cloud, wind, compass) to change value
# Tap on value label to switch between units
# Tap on top-left icon to add cities and customize settings
# Shake your device to refresh forecast

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Why is gMusic better than Google’s app?
=>10 band Equalizer
=>Proper offline support!
=>Last.fm Scrobbling (In the settings)
=>Auto Playlists
=>Full Playlist Editing
=>iOS 7 look and feel
=>Light and Dark Theme

Google Music allows you to keep up to 20,000 of your favorite songs in the cloud. Now you can listen to your entire music collection without having to use any space on your iOS device.

gMusic 2 features include:
=>Artist Discovery
=>Create Radio Stations
=>Add music to your Library directly in the app
=>Airplay Support
=>Innovative Navigation
=>Works with the built in Sleep Timer
=>Very fast load times
=>Add songs to existing playlists
=>Search by Artist, Songs, Albums, or Genres
=>Plays in the background so you can use your other apps while still listening to your music
=>Offline support
=>Recently-Added Playlist
=>Direct secured authentication with Google. No third party servers involved.
=>Remembers what you were listening to for quick resume after closing the app.
=>Ability to disable streaming over 3g.
=>Stay tuned for other great new features coming soon

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