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Syren: Find Music With Friends

Are you looking for an exciting way of finding songs and enjoy chatting with new people from across the world? Syren: Find Music With Friends is a perfect option for getting music with enhancing the mixtapes. Syren is one of the ultimate platform allowing to thoroughly enjoy your way of sending and receiving music in mixtapes form.

Listen To Your Favorite Music:

Syren is one of the effective ways of listening to your favorite music on the go. Of course, this app allows the user to access a large number of mixtapes easily. With the use of this app, it is much easier to get the latest news, compose playlists, and get better recommendations. Whether you like to get instant information about your favorite artists, composer, or album, then Syren is the ultimate music platform.

Meet New People:

Syren assures you with the unique music platform allowing you to join the mixtape mixers. Now it is easier to exchange the mixtapes and meet new people. In fact, it is a more efficient option for discovering new music. Syren also has a unique designed music player that allows you to play songs even when your close to the app. In fact, the Syren music player has the lock screen support feature. It can be controlled using the Control Centre similar to that of the iOS Music Player.

Awesome Features Of Syren:

  • Create Mixtapes – Now you can create your own preferred mixtapes based on your preference
  • Exchange Mixtapes – share your list of mixtapes with friends online and simple to connect with other users
  • A Curated List Of Songs – listen to the fantastic list of songs updated by the enthusiastic team at Syren
  • Chat With Your Friends – Share your emotional songs with your friends with simple chat option and exchange mixtapes
  • Unique Music Player – enjoy listening to a wide list of music on the go with saving your data

Create Mixtapes:

Syren: Find Music With Friends app allows the user to simply creating the mixtapes. The main advantages include the uniqueness of compositions with the better filtering of music by popularity.

Exchange Mixtapes:

Syren app brings you a better opportunity to follow the work of your favorite and famous artists. You can exchange mixtapes with your friends as well as to new users. It is a better way of Randomly exchanging the mixtapes, and you have more options to meet popular artists.

A Curated List Of Songs:

Feeling bored! Install this app and enjoy an extensive list of songs that are updated every week. Each and every song are selected carefully by the professional team at the Syren.

Chat With Your Friends:

Use the app to chat with your friends and people that you meet while exchanging the mixtapes.


Pencil Photo Sketch Editor

Pencil Sketch is a brilliant application for photo editing because it includes a lot of useful features. It is considered as the best professional Sketching app that provides an excellent range of options for anyone to be an artist by creating an attractive range of pencil sketch with different photos.Β  There are some innovative options also included with this app so the user can easily pick a picture by using a camera or from the library to generate attractive pencil sketch effects.

Key Features Of Pencil Photo Sketch:

With the Pencil Photo Sketch, you can enjoy different benefits; first of all, it includes some key features such as

  • Attractive artistic effect
  • Innovative photo filters
  • Brilliant editing options
  • Simple and Smooth interface

In addition to this, anyone can easily share their final results on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. One tap sharing makes everything simple.

There are many useful options associated with this app that includes crayon effect, light sketch effect, pencil sketch effect, colorful drawing effect, cartoon art effect, etc.

Therefore consider this ideal photo editor application to use some ultra features, even it is useful in all times, and recent updates also available that make your photo look awesome. There are different exclusive options also available that makes your photo look real pencil art.

How To Download Pencil Photo Sketch Editor?

You must visit the official link and download this excellent app for getting innovative features. It is the most powerful photo editor that features useful manipulations of your images. With this, you can quickly get cartoons, as well as sketch results, also add some fun options in it. Pencil Photo Sketch application is readily available. To use this app, you no need to download any additional software, so it is powerful enough to create a beautiful drawing.


Volv - Read Less. Know More.

Reading magazines is the best way of getting news and other knowledge. Now with the evolvement of technology, we could read this information on our mobile device. Thanks to Volv which makes this work so easy and smooth. It is a magazine app that curates breaking news stories with the latest information & news. The unique thing is that it summarizes that into 70 words so that your time could be saved.

Features of Volv:

This app carries out all the classic features. It’s read more option will enable you to read the original story. So if you want to go in detail, just click on β€œRead More”. To know about the important & trending stories, the app is having β€˜Must Read’ stories feature which contains different categories like travel, science, health, etc.

The app is having Artificial Intelligence to present the feed with breaking news. The main purpose of this is to provide all the information in one app. The 70 words story get fit into one screen, using the flashcard interface. This simplifies the reading of the story and the user could scroll through easily.

All the stories will be presented from top publications like Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg, Daily mail & many more. Daily this application provides the news.

It merits:

This app is having all kinds of benefits.

  • As it summarizes the article in 70 words it will save you time.
  • The app carries all kinds of smart features.
  • With the help of its AI feature, it gives you the information to summarize form keeping the important things and headlines into consideration.
  • It covers all topics so the user doesn’t have to download different apps.
Accessing of this application:

As usual, you need to download and install the application. After that sing up in case if you are a new user. After making the account, you need to log in. It works smartly. Its AI will cut the clutter & present the main heading or the important part of the article in 70 words or less. This will allow you to read 5 stories per minute. You could go on any topic like politics, science, sports, etc.


Volv is a great platform that provides news and other latest information. One should avail of this application to fetch the information easily. It’s a good working app that is highly recommended.



In today’s time, there is an importance of viral. It is because to get famous or fame any content, there is no other platform to viral the things other than social media. In keeping this view, Zoebook is an application that I like to introduce to you here.

The main aim of this app is to allow users to viral the content within 48 hours. The user could easily share images or stories that he or she wants others to see. Moreover, it allows a user to communicate with friends & find new personalities.

Features of Zoebook:

  • Connecting to new: With this application, you could easily connect to new persons. Come in contact with new personalities on this platform.
  • Watching live videos: Enjoy the live video anytime or anywhere in this application.
  • Commenting on the post: If you want to share your words about any particular post, just comment on it.
  • Post details: Tap on the post details option and get the details.
  • Private communication: There is a facility to communicate privately in this application. No other thing will get out in this private chat.
  • Like: If you love any post then like it by just tapping on the Like button
  • Notification: To get any latest information, there is a notification option.
  • Report the post: You could report the post if it’s inappropriate or spam
  • Follow: Like in any other social media, in this also you could follow your best friend
How to use it?

The using of this application is so simple & easy. As a user, you need to make a profile with the help of email ID & number. After that on the home screen, you could easily upload the picture or the video by tapping on the respective icon. Add the description and then post it.

Meanwhile, you could do chatting, or go for VP which stands for Viral Post. To search any friend a user could go for a search option. This process will help in finding your old friends easy & quickly. Β The post will get popular after using the option VP.

Merits of using this app:

Coming on the merits of this app. It’s having the following benefits.

  • Simple & Easy
  • User-friendly features
  • Post at any time or anywhere
  • Private communication feature

To make any content viral, Zoebook is the best social media app. A user could easily upload the story that he or she wants to make viral.


Appetite Finder: our pick of the day is been tremendously built to help anybody with any kind of food search. Whether it is about good mood or t is about some new place to find some food with a new twist, Appetite Finder will help you have it all with just a click on this app!


  • Looking for some variants? If you cannot continue with only one kind of food or place, then this is a good fit for you! There is no greater joy in being able to get hold of many things at one place and then decide which one would suit you as per your need!
  • How about learning cooking?If you have been tired of getting land on some recipes and want some way to get hold of some new recipes. Or if you want to have some recipes exactly as you would like to find in some of the restaurants, then Appetite Finder is the best place to find some recipes for the chef within!
  • Lift up the mood! Get finding the dish that your family likes to have together! Pick places that would serve the same dish with different flavors and various style of cooking. The feature of Appetite Finder to search for place based on the dish helps in making sure good food with new twists is a good way to dine-in.
  • Need some help?If you feel you have tried every food nearby, then give a try to Appetite Finder. Search places as you want to satisfy your fast food or other needs. Or search your recipes. This food picker is best for all your needs.

Last words:

Whatever be the occasion, we always believe good food always adds to a good mood. A good built and easy to use app that helps in making the right food near meget to be on your plate.

Appetite Finder is an easy way to locate your place if you are traveling to any city for the first time!


With more than 4, 00,000 restaurants on the list, Sirved has been trying to help people find their ideal food place. Combining all the various luncheons menu, dinner options and personalized cravings, Sirved delights in bringing help across the North America.

Features to satisfy your food relishes

  • It’s FREE: The team of Sirved believes suggestions are free and should always be! You only pay for the food you enjoy with this freely available app on PlayStore and Apple Store.
  • An easy signup process: Who is not on social media handle? Use your pre-made account to login with Sirved also.
  • NO more nudging all the time: It allows to set the preferences to be notified or not. Hence replying only when asked. Playing a good child to be kept along in the App Tray!
  • Are you also looking for options? If yes, then this app has a lot more options ranging from cuisines to your favorite cravings. Simply pick the few of your interest while installing the app ranging from the cuisines to the cravings like vegetables or apple pie!
  • Discover it all with Discover: The app has search options as per budget, time, dietary needs along with the cravings and cuisine. We understand the pain of finding a dish only to know the restaurant is closed. We cover you here with our Open Now option in the filters along with our three ways of result presentation: List view, Photos view and Map view.
  • A chance to Help: Wit the option of contribute, you can pull up your genuine rating and reviews about a food place. You can use anything like pictures of the food or the restaurant, can tell about a menu or can even add a new and exciting place that has been hidden from us!

Last words:Β  Still can’t get over the appealing dish you saw last online? Only if you knew what it is named as! Sirved has got you covered. With the new launch, Sirved allows to search for your ideal platter using the images. Scroll through the favorites as marked by you. We would love to hear from you and so we give an option to contact us from the Profile option.


Every parent has a wish that his or her toddler get good learning. The cycle starts with the learning of rhymes and poems. For that books are the first priority but this could be also made easy through using the application called Cheeky Beasts. It is a collection of wacky poems which helps a child to learn with fun.

Features of Cheeky Beasts:

  • No in-app purchasing
  • No adds which make the disturbance
  • Facility to read along with the narrator
  • Educational pop-up
  • Attractive images to help in better understanding
  • Cool graphics
  • Classic sound and music

More about this app:

There are educational pop up on every page of this app. You guys just need to simply download the app and start using it. There is no registration or the making of profile. There are games that your child could enjoy. In that, there are a matching game, spelling making and selecting the right letter. The poems will automatically appear on the screen along with the pictures. Easy using for the understanding of spelling, phonics & rhyming words.

Merits of this app:

  • Kids friendly app which is safe for them
  • Understanding through stories.
  • An amazing platform to offer educational stuff.

Last words:

Cheeky Beasts is the best application for all those who want their kids to learn in a smart way. I would like to recommend this app to every parent. Download it now!!!

Summary: Cheeky Beast is a mobile app through which a kid could easily learn poem and rhymes.


Math done simply.

Sumhold instantly calculates and stores numbers with a streamlined interface and a simple swipe gesture. Need to remember a number? Just swipe it down to the number pad to save it as a button.

Sumhold also keeps track of long calculations in an easy-to-read line. It shows a running total and eliminates confusing buttons present on other calculators.

# Swipe to Remember
# Running Total
# Tracks long calculations
# Automatic parentheses for redability
#Β Copy/Paste Support

Sumhold  logog
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Pushbullet makes it really easy to get files, links, and more from your computer onto your phone. You can even use Pushbullet to send them to friends as well!

Why send things with Pushbullet? Because they show up instantly right in your phone’s notification tray, enabling you to open it right away!

What can you send with Pushbullet? You can send pictures, links, files, notes/reminders, and more right into your phone’s notification tray.

So what makes Pushbullet so useful?

Simple! It’s the easiest way to get things from your computer onto your phone (or even from your phone onto your computer)! It’s also great for sharing links, files, and more with friends!

# Files sent with Pushbullet are automatically downloaded and waiting for you and swiping the notification instantly opens the file! This means you’ll never have to go dig for a file again in your email or Dropbox ever again.

# Links sent with Pushbullet take you right to the website from the notification. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off or get to the article you wanted to read later.

# Instead of looking up an address all over again on your phone, you can now just push the address to your phone. Swiping the notification will take you right to the Maps app!

# And that’s just the beginning, you can even send checklists, reminders, and more!

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Print to ALL printers (Not just AirPrint Printers). Print direct to most WiFi/Wireless printers without additional software. Print to ALL printers and any document type via your Mac/PC. Print remotely over 3G/4G and in corporate/other networks where WiFi is not available. View, store & print email, large documents & PDFs, files, attachments, photos, contacts and web pages on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

β€’β€’ iTunes App of the Week in UK & Europe β€’β€’

β–Ίβ–Ί Printing for Old & New Printers + PDF Conversion β—€β—€
=> Print to ALL printers (Network/WiFi/USB/Bluetooth) via your Mac or PC or direct to most WiFi printers without additional software
=> Print from Pages, Numbers or Keynote extremely quickly & easily without the need for an AirPrint printer using Open in
=> Print from other Apps using “Open in”
=> Convert files, docs, spreadsheets, web pages & more to PDF (in-app upgrade required)
=> USB & Bluetooth printers can be used with free print server software (Windows & Mac)
=> Print remotely via 3G, 4G or Cloud
=> Print to AirPrint printers
=> Print using ALL the same document formats to ALL printers used by your Mac/PC

β–Ίβ–Ί Unrivalled Document Reader & File Storage β—€β—€
=> Read, view & print Office files, large size PDFs & ALL iWork files + many more formats
=> Open & Print files directly into PrintCentral from other apps supporting “Open in…” file sharing
=> Zip/Unzip files for reading & printing

β–Ίβ–Ί Upgrade your Email β—€β—€
=> Higher featured email app built into PrintCentral
=> View multiple email accounts in single inbox or on their own
=> Full email field search – across multiple accounts
=> Multiple email signatures with images, formatted text
=> Print & save email, and attachments for resending……………………………….

PrintCentral for iPhone  logo
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