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Start with Perskey, the keyboard suiting you perfectly.

# Personal Key : To make shortcuts of your “Frequent Used Words or Sentences” register them as Personal Key.
# Personal Secret Key : You can register your Secret “Frequent Used Words or Sentences” as Personal Secret Key secured by Passcode.
# Personal Popup Key : For the fast and easy use, you can register your 26 Personal Keys as Personal Popup Key.

Please set the Passcode(Touch ID or Password)
to secure your personal information needed when using Personal Secret Key.

Create your own unique keyboard style using Keyboard Size, Background Theme, Character Color, Character Size, Character Style, Invisible Keyboard settings.

It offers Sound on Keypress, Animation on Keypress, Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Enable Caps Lock, Predictive, “.” Shortcut settings.

It offers iCloud Backup, Restore from iCloud Backup, Reset all user data, Restore Payment, Tutorial.


Perskey logog Download Now on ( Free ) App Store


Say Hello to new look of your device!
Say Hello to fresh, beautiful, amazing and stylish screens!
Screens that make you happy!
Screens that make you smile!
Screens that motivate you and lift your spirit!

Welcome to Custom Screen – and your iPhone screens will never be the same!!!

Customize your device with specially created and designed elements like
backgrounds, clock and slider skins, icon and camera skins, app shelves, and many other important elements on your Lock and Home screens.
Create your personal and unique-designed screens.

The fast & easy way to customize your screen elements

1. Choose screen you want to customize
2. Choose elements you want to customize
3. Choose most liked design and save it.
4. Go to Photos and set up this one image as Lock screen or Home screen.
5. Enjoy

# Lock screen and Home screen customization
# Designed elements:
# Backgrounds
# Footers
# Icon Covers
# Shelves
# Skins
# Status Bars
# Zebras
# Clocks
# Cameras
# Slides

Custom Screen logog  Download Now on ($0.99) App Store