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Folded Flyer

Throw the paper plane as far as possible and upgrade your skills to improve your best score and unlock gifts! We found the app Folded Flyer: Paper Plane Game developed by Tim Vogel.

With lots to explore and hidden collectibles to find, you’re set for a fun airborne adventure!

Race to the finish for the fastest time on each level, or search every nook and cranny for hidden rewards. Craft and fully personalize your own paper plane with a near-endless combination of colors, patterns, and upgrades. Download Folded Flyer today for free and become the ultimate paper pilot.


Fly your paper glider through a beautiful 3D world full of funky and dangerous objects. Folded Flyer is full of playful animations, colorful graphics, and an incredibly catchy soundtrack.


Get creative and craft your own paper airplane with the “Plane Designer”. Choose your own designs and colors to create your dream paper plane design. From colorful flowers and pink hearts to a tough camouflage or metal look; The combinations are endless!


Choose from multiple ways to control your plane. Take full control with the tilting controls that make clever use of the iPhone’s and iPad’s Gyroscope / Accelerometer. Or instantly take-off with the easy and innovative one-fingertip and Steer’ controls.


Earn epic upgrades for your airplane by completing levels and beating high scores. Increase your plane’s acceleration, cornering, and speed boost ability to build the fastest paper glider.


Compete on Game Center Leaderboards with your friends, family, or pilots from all over the world. Unlock unique achievements and show your friends how to take-off in style.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Help us improve Folded Flyer by leaving a review or reach out to the development team directly at https://gazingy.com

Download now Folded Flyer Now !!


Snifferton - Discover devices near you

Today I happened to come across and stumble upon Snifferton app developed by Thomas Thompson while doing my weekly roundup of the popular App Store apps. I was greatly intrigued with Snifferton app since it looked like a special something set it apart from the others.

With the help of Snifferton app developed by Thomas Thompson you can find any bluetooth device that comes into contact with your mobile device. This reputed app permits you to mark individual devices in order to monitor their activity.

Main Software Features

  • You can save multiple locations and have them sync up with other Snifferton devices
  • Permits scanning for devices up to half a football length
  • It also alerts the user to any new devices that come close to your smartphone
  • Keep as many devices as you like to keep track of

Using Snifferton app, you can also get to know the devices nearby and share files in case you need any.  It is also illustrated that the dashboard of the app conveys you the details that comprise the number of devices, the recent timestamp and other details regarding the recently added device. Snifferton also gives vivid list of all the devices that are near to you and their signal range.

More importantly the app has got a quick and clean interface that makes it simple to use. In addition the app requires iOS 13.2 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is free for download but comes with in-app purchases. The new version of the app comes with enhanced location manager usage.


So recently I heard about Snifferton app developed by Thomas Thompson, and it was something so different that I couldn’t wait for to use it. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to discovering devices near you in general, and it shouldn’t be missed.



Look, I'm making it up!

Time has been flying swiftly. This change has helped us understand: we need to bring changes in our ways of reaching our kids! Kids being moldable: are open to newness, creativity and lots of fun. This exact idea, we have taken and incorporated in our app of the day: LOOK, I’M MAKING IT UP!

What is new in Look I’m Making it up!

  • That welcoming song!

The illustration along with the welcome note in kids’ voice is so appealing and attractive! I bet many kids would get attracted to your device, as soon as you open the App! I was opening this App and was amused to hear its Welcoming note! And who can ignore that sweet and welcoming “Hi!”, when Camilo greets his friends!

  • Never a Dull Moment

I personally believe kids need attention and time. One dull moment will make them distracted. Look I’m making it up! has taken this seriously. Kids will surely love the activeness inbuilt in the App. I like it when Camilo keeps moving his eyes on the home screen. Objects are in motion and never a dull moment is given to kids who are simply taken away by the graphics and illustration.

Many chapters to select!

  • More than one could seek for

Over time we have realized newness is the key component of apps targeting Kids. With many chapters, we are sure kids will love to surf for all of them.

  • Voice over instills excitement

Creative illustration with colorful pictures is supported by exciting voice overs! We knew kids would not like something that will never talk to them. In Look, I’m making it up! , we have coupled chapters with a voiceover with creative modulations: building excitement and emotions in kids.

  • Learning senses involved

This app is a one-stage learning platform. It serves to help kids learn using both, audio and visual senses. We prefer to Look, I’m Making it up! , because we promote the concept of improvisation coupled with fun.

Last words: Our App targets the age group of 5-9. We have incorporated fun involving lesson because it is important to be creative with Kids. Camilo is doing rounds over topics like Bake, Paint, Music, Dance and Build. Definitely, this one is not like the many kid’s apps, you might have come across!


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