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iNOWs! aggregates the latest about Apple technology and products from the web’s best sources. The unique sub-category band with user-definable keywords enables you to easily create your own article lists.

Eight keywords can be user-defined and will appear in the sub-category band for easy access to your article lists. Keywords can be re-arranged by importance and modified at any time. A variety of sharing options make posts to social media a breeze!

Passionate about Apple technology and products? Never miss a launch with iNOWs!

* * * Instructions for Adding Articles to the Favorites List * * *

To add an article to your Favorites, swipe left on any article and press the “Add to Favorites” button.

To delete an article from your Favorites, swipe left on a flagged article and press the “Delete from Favorites” button.

You can browse through the ten most recent articles on your Apple iNOWs! app on your paired iPhone.

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