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HWAD App Reviews


HWAD is one of my favorite apps. It is because I love to read and write. Its special thing is that it is based on Thom Kudla’s well-reviewed book “How I Am Different”. This app allows a user to compare Thom’s two-year writer progress with once progress of writing and reading. HWAD stand for How We Are Different. It’s also having mood tracking feature which is very much innovative.

Let’s come on the features

  • Option to make account
  • Calendar to set the reminder
  • Multiple index views
  • Option to set your emotion and mood
  • Description about a reporter

Overall, I love this book. I can record the amount of time which I spent on writing each day. Even I set a reminder to get prompt on every day about the reading and writing. There is also a reading roulette option which allows a user to read an entry from How I Am Different selected at random. Through its multiple index views one can read by title, by genre, one by topic.

At last, I would like to say that HWAD i.e. How We Are Different is a nice application that everyone must consider. It’s having so many interesting things.