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Health+ | Health Data Collection Review


Health+ uses the power of Apple’s HealthKit as a collection of all your health data and extends the functionality of the standard Health app with further information, more detailed representation and customization.

Health+ integrates with the Health app and reads your health data in order to display it in a new way. It does not create any data.

Features: –
# Detailed overview of multiple health data modules
# Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report*
# Displays more than just the value of the current day, look through old data values
# Set goal values for every data module*
# Further information about your data: On which weekday are you sleeping most? What month is your laziest? On which day did you record the most steps? Between which days did you lose the most body weight?*
# Customization: Different color schemes*, set the height of every module in the overview to show or hide the data graph

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