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KittenTaxi is a new generation of racing shooter game with a unique animated hand drawn graphics you’ve never seen before!Epic escaping story of bank robbing cats, a reverse view makes gameplay more exciting. CARS, CATS and GUNS! What more needs to be described?


# Simple & Addictive control!
# Unique animated hand drawn graphics!
# Epic escaping story of bank robbing cats!
# Simply ecstatic and new for those who got stuck at touch to play!
# Just use your finger tip left and right!
# Break through the most enjoyable stages shooting out unique enemies and bosses!
# High-score lists and achivements!
# The best way to kill time!
# Awesome BGM & Sound effect!
# Facebook Connection!

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How good are your motor skills? It’s time to know it!
Train them while you have fun with FingerOut! A challenging game where you can improve your abilities while you have fun.

It’s easy very easy:

Place your fingers on the screen (3 or up to 5) and follow the instructions. Discover how good your motor skills are and improve them playing. Training your motor skills will help you in the development of mental ability and speech.

– Press the screen using 3 or more fingers.
– Red circles will appear under your fingers. Keep pressing!
– If a circle change to yellow. Up and Down this finger as fast as you can.
– Keep doing it!

# Sound on\off
# Play online and offline
# Top #50
# Facebook Connect
# Interactive Tutorial
# 3 Leagues
### Bronze – 3 fingers
### Silver – 4 fingers
### Gold – 5 finger

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