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Gymster is the only fitness app that allows you to save your gym’s equipment as a preset. Simply input what equipment is available, save it by giving it a name and let Gymster do the rest. If you simply only have a set of kettlebells and dumbbells available then let Gymster know and rest assured knowing you’ll only see exercises you can perform!

As well as the exercises Gymster doesn’t stop there, it features a recipe section with a full range of IIFYM (If it fits your macros) recipes. With delicious recipes such as protein peanut butter dark chocolate swirl flapjacks!

Gymster features:-

# 2 workout modes – randomise or manual
With randomise mode simply choose the number of exercises, muscle groups to target, which gym you’re at then Gymster will return totally unique workouts for you. Much like a WOD generator except based on equipment available!

# 450+ weightlifting and cardio exercises (new exercises added weekly)

#  70+ pieces of equipment to add to your gym (Updated monthly or upon request)

# 160+ IIFYM recipes with full nutritional macros breakdowns to keep your diet interesting and fun (new recipes added weekly)

# Sort recipes by macros such as calories, fats, protein, carbs

# Sort recipes by sugars, fiber and time it takes to make the recipe

# GIF tutorials for exercises

# News section with the latest articles from around the world regarding health and fitness

# Save multiple gym presets such as home gym, local gym or even body weight only gym. If you travel a lot you can even save a gym for hotels you regularly stay at.

# Updated regularly so you can rest assured that you will get value for money!

# History section for logging your workouts, the perfect exercise journal to monitor your progress

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