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Grumpy Granny App


It’s FREE and so addicting!!
The BEST and cutest new game of 2015!

Get ready to dive into Granny’s furtastic world and help her save as many cute little kitties as she can, while preventing her from going insanely mad; she is grumpy already, do not make her go off the deep end!

Start playing out in the shiny sun, running after bouncing chubby little kitties, avoiding obstacles; find special kits and collect as many of them as you can to improve your record and… to unlock a brrrand-new season and many more tiny surprises!

Keep granny sane and calm! As time goes by, it gets harder and harder to stay alive, but you will find more and more kitties in need of granny’s love, and your score will increase to the stars.

Unlock combo moves and watch your progress being proudly displayed in Granny’s old and dusty bookcase, for all your friends to see!

Go buy medicines to restore Granny’s long-lost health, strength and calmness, in Granny’s favorite apothecary: it is just down the street, and I do think she has a crush on Mr. Cornelius (the century-old man behind the counter). She puts her grumpy mask away every time she sees him!

What are you waiting for? A world of fun awaits you!

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