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Max is shattered: An invisible force caused all the beautifully shining stars to disappear all of a sudden. So he decides to leave his home planet and search for the lighting orbs.

You can help Max on his journey across the never-ending infinity of space. In spite of his undoubtedly present bravery, he quickly gets lost in space. Only with your help the mission is born under a lucky star.

By tapping on planets you can turn on and off their gravity and direct Max’s paths. But watch out! When Max is moving too far away from the planets there’s no coming back. It gets tricky when he is on collision course with asteroids or black holes want to swallow him up.

Schwerkraft consists of more than 70 levels, which are characterized by a continuous but fair increase in difficulty. When Max leaves his home, you’ll get to know the basic controls and elements of the game at first. In the end you will do insane things you didn’t dream of being possible. To master all levels, you need good timing, skill, and sometimes patience.

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Introducing an awesome tribute to classic Atari space arcade Lunar Lander.
Explore, destroy and conquer the universe! Discover original joystick experience by steering a twinjet spacecraft with devastating bombs on board.

The typical Lunar Lander concept was extended and pushed to its limits with the demolition storyline added to a peaceful lander-like gameplay. The game contains various multi-level planets merged into one fantastic universe. Your goal is to explore as much of each territory as possible while staying alive, collect energy, upgrade your spacecraft and unlock new levels. Welcome on board, Captain!

We offer no in-app purchases at all.

– Multiple spaceships: Explorer, Scout, Ranger, Storm Trooper, Hunter, Destroyer, Titan, Space Racer, Reptile, Defender
– The whole universe to explore: Planet Earth, Desert Dune, Megapolis, Moon, Mars, Pluto, Inferno, Underground Cave Planet, Techno Planet, Atom Planet
– Danger zones and traps: black holes, natural hazards, airspace mines and anti-aircraft warfare
– Demolition option. You’ve been given a pack of bombs that enable you to fight back and destroy everything you encounter
– Ability to upgrade every part of your ship: stabilization system, radar, armor, jet power, weapon reload time,
weapon caliber, fuel consumption and mobility
– Mining options. Blow up the ground to extract valuable minerals and search for rare artifacts
– Ability to change controls and steer each engine individually with separate controllers or pick a classic one-handed control mode

Demolition Lander

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